Malaysian Lady Lost Cool Over Inaccurate Reporting Of Father's Death, Also Calls For Manhunt For The Murderer - The Coverage

Malaysian Lady Lost Cool Over Inaccurate Reporting Of Father’s Death, Also Calls For Manhunt For The Murderer

Not only did Elaine Chee had to cope with the sudden loss of his father, who were killed in a hit-and-run accident; she had to deal with the inaccurate reporting by a local English daily.

According to Chee’s post, she said her father had died tragically while the culprit who caused the fatal accident remain free. Then, to her horror, the report of the tragic accident was so full of inaccuracies that the only information they have gotten correct were her father’s name and age.

DEAR FRIENDS PLS HELP ME TO VIRAL THIS!!! And Bring JUSTICE TO MY DAD!!!! My dad Already Died Tragically while the…

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Her father, Chee Koi Heong, 63, were killed in a head-on collision with an unknown vehicle from the front, as he was heading home Bandar Baru Payu Terubong. The first person who received news of the accident were her aunt, who received a call from Penang general hospital.

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However, the report published in the English daily instead reported her father as being hit from the back of his motorcycle as he was travelling out to Bandar Baru Payu Terubong, and the one who first received the news as her, whom the daily said refused to be named.

She argued that she had not spoke to nor contacted by anyone from the English daily, questioning that how the daily would have claimed so. She also said while she is expecting a child, it is her first child, not the third as the daily claimed.

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