Malaysian Man Asks The Internet For Advice On Cheating Girlfriend - The Coverage

Malaysian Man Asks The Internet For Advice On Cheating Girlfriend

The one thing we fear other than an abusive relationship is cheating. A spouse or partner may have many reasons as to why they resort to cheating but doing it when you’re in a serious relationship is wrong.

Just recently, a Malaysian man shared his heartbreaking encounter when his girlfriend cheated on him.

He said in his post that his girlfriend is currently studying in Kuala Lumpur, she recently got to know a male friend named DJ. The man isn’t a real DJ, but one of those playboys who toy around with girls.

The saddest part of all is that DJ had an affair with his girlfriend, they even had sexual relations while the girl was still in a relationship.

He began elaborating about their relationship,

“We have been together for four years and I have sacrificed so much for her. Usually, when she comes to Penang, I will send her back to KL and then make the lonely journey back again that night because I need to work the next day. I do that because I love her and want to accompany her safely home.”

You can already tell that he is sweet boyfriend who is even willing to send his girlfriend all the way back to KL from Penang travelling 4 hours each journey.

“Normally I am very strict on my daily spending, because I want to save more money so that I can giver her a better life. But this DJ guy, he managed to seduce her with a few sweet nothings, and just like that, my girlfriend got cheated by him. They had sex twice, but after my girlfriend found out that he had many other girls on the side, she decided to leave him.”

“She told me that they had only known each other for a few days and then they slept together. In fact, they were even together on New Year’s Eve when I called my girlfriend because I wanted to wish her Happy New Year and that we had managed to make it another year as a couple.”

Not only did she not answer her boyfriend’s call, she returned his call a few hours later and even scolded the man. What’s even more agrivating is that she was with DJ that night having the time of her life while her boyfriend was worried sick about her, sat up and waited for her call until 3 am!

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He only found out about all these recently, just a few days before his birthday was when the girl confessed and asked her boyfriend to forgive her.

“I was heartbroken and told her that all the riches in the world couldn’t buy love for her, but she betrayed me and slept with another guy.

“My girlfriend wants to start over and wipe the slate clean with me. What should I do?”

The majority of those who commented said that he should just forget about her and move on, asking him to not be silly to forgive her and find a better girl in the future because there will always be this thorn in his heart, in time it will hurt him.

However, there are several netizens who had experienced the same situation as him adviced him to give her a chance and forgive her, as their relationship got stronger and more loving compared to before. Because as humans, we make mistakes, so try forgiving her and start over, if she does it again, then leave her.

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I personally feel that if a person dares to betray a person once, there’s definitely a second time! But if she turned over a new leaf and never cheat again, then good for her!



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