Malaysian Shares How AirAsia Crew Helped Him to Catch the Culprit Who Stole RM6,760 from His Bag - The Coverage

Malaysian Shares How AirAsia Crew Helped Him to Catch the Culprit Who Stole RM6,760 from His Bag

Robbery can happen everywhere. Even when you are 39,000 feet up in the sky!

Yesterday (Jan 4), a netizen shared his robbery experience in an AirAsia flight on a Facebook post. Mathyalagan Pathmanathan, who seems to be in his middle age, said that his two wallets containing a combined of RM6,760 were stolen during his flight from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur. But thanks to the attentive staffs, the culprit was identified and Mathyalagan was able to get back his money.

Mathyalagan (4th from the left) and the staff who assisted him in retrieving his stolen cash.

In the post, Mathyalagan said that he was robbed on his AirAsia’s AK44 flight from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur on February 4.

Profile picture of Mathyalagan (left). Source: Facebook

“Today upon arrival at KLIA 2 at 5am, as usual, I got out from the aircraft and open my laptop bag to take my two wallets one containing RM1600 and the other one containing RPS 85,000. I got a shock of my flying years because the money in my wallets was missing.

“While the other passengers were coming out, I quickly informed the cabin crew that someone during flight has robbed my money and (ask if) we can perform a check with other passengers.”

He said that kept the wallets in a laptop bag which he placed in an upper head compartment four rows away from his seat because the one above him was occupied by other passengers.

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The plane had a lot of China passengers and he recalled that one of them was behaving suspiciously because when he was placing his bag into the compartment, the man was paying very close attention to what he was doing.

“I investigated with the crews on this row passenger whether he was constantly getting up and opening the overhead compartment in the cabin. The Senior Cabin Crew who was such a great hospitality, friendly guy (and) was chatting with me from Colombo airport until arrival said he (suspected) this China guy (too because) he was (seen) standing several times.”

The crew immediately informed his captain about the incident and together they quickly walked towards the arrival hall to look for the suspect.

“Thank god, the Senior Crew by the name Saiful recognized the Chinaman’s face who was sitting in front of the transit counter. So, the whole set of crew and I (walked to him and asked) him to open his bag and show his items to see if any of my money was with him.”

Due to the language barrier, they struggled to get the suspect to understand their intention. They got a help from another passenger to translate. They told the suspect that it wasn’t a confrontation but just a procedure to verify that he wasn’t the culprit.

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Mathyalagan requested the suspect to show them his wallet but the suspect was making it difficult and was “acting stupid”. After going back and forth several times, he opened his wallet to them at last.

“We noticed a lot about of other countries currency notes (but) could not see my two bunch of notes.”

“He was sitting and again acting stupid, (saying) no, no, no… Then, all of us were still not satisfied (because he had this) suspicious look.

“He was (wearing) a jacket and we suspected maybe there was some money in his pocket. So we asked him to stand up for further check and there you go a black plastic bag dropped out from his body.”

“We opened (the bag) in front of the whole set of crew, AirAsia Security and Airport Police presence. My two bunch of money was there.”

Mathyalagan said the suspect was arrested on the spot and a report was made against him immediately for remandment because the suspect was merely in Malaysia for a flight transfer. The suspect had another ticket heading to Jakarta.

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Happy upon retrieving back his RM6,700 worth of money, Mathyalagan praised AirAsia crew and airport police’s swift response and attentive service. The police investigation officer told him that robbery on flights is a very common phenomenon these days and they are having a tough time arresting this scandal group with evidence. The officer told him that his case was the first time they had complete evidence to file at the court.

“I sincerely wish the Tech Crew and Cabin Crew of flight AK46 bravo and keep up your passion shown on job!!!! Thanks to all off you….👍👌🙏” Mathyalagan wrote, concluding his unbitter robbery experience.

The post where Mathyalagan detailly wrote has since gone viral with over 2,600 shares at the time of writing. Netizens appreciated Mathyalagan’s experience and many of them commanded AirAsia’s superb service.

Share this post with your friends and family. Let them know that even when you are flying in the sky, no one is absolutely safe from robbery.

Source and photos: Mathyalagan | Facebook 

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