Malaysian Shocked To Discover Azan Being Used As Intro Music For Half-Naked Performers In Australia - The Coverage

Malaysian Shocked To Discover Azan Being Used As Intro Music For Half-Naked Performers In Australia

Growing up in Malaysia has gotten us used to hear the Azan, the Islamic call to worship, at prescribed times of the day as there are many mosques around, however, it is less common in other countries.

Akbar Saharie, a sports presenter from Astro Arena took to Instagram to share his shocking discovery of the misuse of the Azan when he was in Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia while on his way to work on April 10.

Initially, he was pleasantly surprised to hear the familiar sound but then he realized that it wasn’t time for prayers yet. He began searching where the sound was coming from and was shocked to discover that the Azan was actually used as an intro for a dance performance featuring five half-naked men on stage.

In his Instagram caption, he wrote,

“I was on my way to work to the IBC when I heard the Muslim call to prayers aka Azan. I thought it was a genuine call but was shocked and disgusted to find that it was used as intro ‘music’ to a bunch of half-naked amateur performers.”

He added,

“Confused on how this was approved or overlooked, especially when it was on one of the Festival 2018 stages in conjunction with the ongoing Commonwealth Games. The games as propagated have always been about unity and this was definitely insulting. The Azan is not a prop song for your own self-obsessed entertainment. It plays a significant part in more than 1.5 billion people’s lives around the world.”

Akbar also said he felt insulted as he felt that is was disrespectful to Muslims. Other netizens who saw his post agreed that it was a bad move to use the Azan for such a dance.

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However, there were also a some who tried to be peacemakers and pointed out that it might have been a genuine mistake as the musicians may not be aware of the religious connotation it has.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts on this.


Source: WOB / Instagram



  1. Mohd

    April 20, 2018 at 18:57

    Tak Suka ? Keluar dari Australia !! … Baru terasa sekarang

  2. tes

    May 1, 2018 at 20:43

    Agree with Mohd

    Don’t like get out

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