Malaysian Traumatized After Finding a Lizard in His Bubble Tea Which He Mistaken As Pearl - The Coverage

Malaysian Traumatized After Finding a Lizard in His Bubble Tea Which He Mistaken As Pearl

Most of us are afraid of insects and pests like cockroaches, flies, bugs and not so much when it comes to lizards. Well, this story shared by a Malaysian will change that because he found a lizard in his favourite bubble tea! 

Facebook user Hasler Hoho shared a photo of his favourite bubble tea on social media last Saturday (Feb 10). But instead of an Insta-worthy shot, it was a public service disturbing picture: it captured a tiny but long lizard lying on top of a bubble tea cup which Hasler said he pulled out from his mouth halfway through drinking it. Eww! 🤮 You have all of our sympathies here, Hasler. 


“While sipping halfway through, I was feeling weird in my mouth with my tongue when it felt like long jelly.”

“Pearl should be round in shape, so I took it out with my finger and it happened to be a fully formed baby lizard!” said Hasler in the viral post with over 4,500 Shares at the point of writing.

Upon finding out the lizard was in his mouth, he spat out all the other pearls and torn open the seal of the cup wider. He put away all the pearls and realized that the lifeless lizard had a missing tail. It’s either Hasler had consumed it or it’s still in the remaining of the cup. We hope that it’s the latter. 

Hasler said he was traumatized by the experience and stated that he bought the cup of bubble tea at a Bukit Jalil joint.

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He had lodged a complaint with the popular bubble tea company and said that the headquarter and the outlet were aware of the issue.

Very quickly, Hasler’s friends poured in their reaction and shared their concern.

“I am traumatized by it and don’t want to drink it anymore. Luckily you didn’t become Cicakman. Just joking.

Whatever it is, the company must take action against the issue,” said one of his friends, while another said she was about to buy the drink but after seeing this, she decided not.

One of Hasler friend advised him to take the issue to the court and report the incident to the Ministry of Health. The friend claimed that it poses a public health threat and the issue should be taken seriously. To that, Hasler said he had already appointed a lawyer to handle the matter.

What a total nightmare and it’s making us paranoid about all of our sealed food and drinks now. Share this with your friends and family so that they know that not all food out there is completely safe from hygienic problems. 

Source and photo: Facebook | Hasler Hoho

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