Malaysian Warns Public To Beware Of Scammers Online After Paying RM1.3K For Concert Tickets - The Coverage

Malaysian Warns Public To Beware Of Scammers Online After Paying RM1.3K For Concert Tickets

Sadly, online scammers are no new news to us anymore as we’ve heard or experienced one too many of it. The most common scams are usually targeted towards those who are looking to buy concert tickets through a ‘third party’.

We understand that it is difficult to get your hands on concert tickets or they’re too expensive. While these ‘third parties’ promote a cheaper price as compared to the official site, you should NEVER fall into their trap!

They will usually offer you  hard-to-resist deals and will pressure you into agreeing to pay for these ‘tickets’. Providing you with pictures of the ‘limited’ tickets with the seat number and zone as well.

Some will even go as far as to print a duplicate copy of the ticket and send them to you, just like how Malaysian YouTuber Jinnyboy got tricked, while others would just go missing after receiving payment from you.

A netizen, Casandra took to Facebook to warn others who are looking to buy Jacky Cheung concert tickets from a third party seller who turns out to be a scammer.

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Source: Facebook

We are aware that the incident took place in November 2017, but it still serves as a great reminder to those who are easily gullible by irresistible deals they see online! 

According to Casandra’s post, the scammer whose Facebook moniker was Vivian Wong at the time cheated her of RM1,300.

At first, the scammer was very responsive to all of Casandra’s queries. Seems very helpful! She was also given a City-Link tracking number for her package presumably the concert tickets.

Source: Facebook

However, when she received the package, it turned out to be a Fort Minor CD, and her Jacky Cheung tickets are nowhere to be seen.

Source: Facebook

Realizing she had been scammed, she took to Facebook to release her frustration. She also noted that after receiving the parcel, she checked her Facebook inbox only to find that the scammer had unfriend her and changed her profile name to Joey Wong.

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She shared that the scammer used WeChat to contact her and the username is sexygirl_2017.

She hopes her post may warn others to be more wary of who they deal with on the internet.

Check out the conversation in Mandarin below.

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(Source: Facebook)

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