Malaysian Woman Asks Advice From Facebook If She Should Forgive Her Cheating Husband - The Coverage

Malaysian Woman Asks Advice From Facebook If She Should Forgive Her Cheating Husband

In a marriage, the worst thing that could happen is that a home wrecker sneaking their way into a family, regardless if they know about it or not, no one should ever put their feet into someone else’s family.

Yesterday, a Malaysian woman posted her distress anonymously on a Facebook page Kisah Rumah Tangga krt, asking for advice on her cheating husband.

She mentions that she recently caught her husband cheating and that she wasn’t aware he has a WeChat account which he used to contact his mistress with. She claimed that her husband cheated on her for almost 5 months and that she is very devastated when she discovered the truth.

She recalled the times and realized why her husband always held onto his phone no matter where he goes, including the bathroom or while sleeping. She never doubted him all those time because she loves and trusts him.

“Although it’s just an online relationship, my heart still aches at the texts they exchanged and the explicit photos she sent to my husband.

“My husband went with the flow and even asked for more revealing photos.”

That is not the only thing that troubles this heart-broken wife, her husband and his girlfriend talked to each other as though they’re married calling each other ‘mama’ and ‘papa’.

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Thanks to the distressed woman, she shared some screenshots of their conversation as proof of their relationship.


Upon discovering husband’s disgusting habit, he asked for forgiveness and swear he would never do it again. But with a heavy-heart, the wife asks the people of the internet for advice.

What do you think? Should she accept and forgive her husband and let him start anew, or should she walk away from him?

To me, when a person dares to do something like this, they’re definitely going to do it a second time, and it will repeat, I would probably give him a chance, only one. If he messes up even a little bit, then it’s goodbye. I will not tolerate a cheating partner! Cheating is never a right thing to do!

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  1. Sam

    July 20, 2017 at 06:57

    Darling for husband cheating you musing be performing well in bed room when man isn’t satisfied man will look elsewhere must remember man is always a hunter it sounds to me you allowed him to hunt if you take him back it’s good but the old saying you brake a glass yes you can fix it with glue but the the lines will always be there to reindeer you of bad memory so realy will you trust him again no one can answer that but you ???????????
    Good luck with decision happiness is priceless remember that

    • Lee

      July 20, 2017 at 11:24

      He cheats and the wife is to be blamed for it??? WHo made you God ?!

  2. Pamula Furness

    December 29, 2017 at 20:23

    Man strayed because he could. It is not the wife’s fault as far as we know, loving and trusting your partner is the basis for a lasting and happy marriage. He has destroyed that. If the wife feels she can forgive him, (totally, and without ever mentioning it again), then perhaps this marriage can be fixed, (we all make mistakes). If, however, the infidelity weighs heavy on the wife’s heart, then that is quite normal. If she cannot just ‘let it go’, then there is little or no future for this marriage. Do not stay together for any other reason than you love and trust one another. Each of you are giving your whole life to one another, this is no small thing. I wish for a happy outcome for you both

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