Malaysian Woman Mistakenly Received A$4.4 Million! Now She Has to Pay Back?? - The Coverage

Malaysian Woman Mistakenly Received A$4.4 Million! Now She Has to Pay Back??

“She didn’t take it from them, they gave it to her”

On Wednesday, a 21-years old Malaysian woman was arrested in Sydney Airport, when she attempt to leave Australia and fly back to Malaysia.


Known as Christine Jiaxin Lee, she’s a chemical engineering student studying in Australia. Four years ago, she mistakenly received $4.6 million from her bank, Westpac, in the form of an overdraft.


She purchased many luxury items while taking advantage of the mistakenly extended overdraft. In less than one year, she used up $3.3 million, where she spent on designer bags.

Not only that, she also had been living in a sub-penny house apartment in Sydney. Her unit comes with Sydney Harbour Bridge views, which is believed to be very luxury!



The apartment is located in Rhides, in Sydney’s inner west. According to property records, Her weekly rental cost around $780, which sum up to $3120 per month, for her unit! That’s a lot!

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Lee was charged with dishonestly, by taking advantage on the mistakenly transferred money. However Lee’s lawyer argued that she didn’t take the money from the bank, they are the one who transferred the money to her. She appeared at Waverley Local Court on 5th of May.


The police fraud unit had started their investigation in 2012, however they only issued the arrest warrant on March 4 2016, which is after 4 years time!

Police claimed that Lee is trying to escape, while Lee says that she didn’t know about her arrest. She obtained the emergency passport to fly home to Malaysia, in order to visit her parents.


After the hearing, Magistrate agreed with Lee’s lawyer’s argument, whereby the money was indeed given to Lee, it’s not like she stole it from them. Even though she didn’t broke the law, however the A$3.3 million that she spent will be her debt to the bank. She will need to pay back the money.

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Right now, out of a sudden she owes A$3.3 million to the bank, that’s around RM9.75 million! Woot!

Moral of the story, even if your bank mistakenly transferred money to you, it doesn’t mean the money is yours!

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