Malaysian Woman Slashed With Parang by Her Husband in Port Dickson - The Coverage

Malaysian Woman Slashed With Parang by Her Husband in Port Dickson

Two men who were caught on surveillance footage, slashing a woman repeatedly with machetes here in Port Dickson has gone viral on social media. The video spread through social media like fire, infuriating and shocking Malaysians at the cruelty and animosity displayed in the video.

The two machete-bearing assailants who left the scene were caught quickly, half an hour later after police spotted them on the highway. The suspects who became aware that the police trooper car was tailing them, they tried to lose the trail and rammed through the barrier of the Mambau toll plaza.

However, their daring escape plan was foiled when their car got pinned in one of the tollbooths and the police quickly arrested them.

It is reported that one of the suspects was in fact, the victim’s husband, who attacked her with an accomplice because his wife wanted a divorce from their abusive relationship.

Preliminary reports show that the victim has made countless police reports in the past, complaining to the police of her husband’s violent demeanor at home and his constant death threats.

One day, she decided to file for a divorce after she could not handle her husband’s violence anymore. Later that day, the husband who was angered by her decision, came by her parents’ house where she was staying while the divorce was being filed, with an accomplice, and attacked her outside of the house with machetes.

The victim’s mother rushed out after hearing her daughter’s cries for help and tried to push the two men away but was instead pushed away.

The police that was used for the crime was also found in the suspects’ getaway car.

The victim is reported to be in critical condition.

The two suspects have been detained for further questioning and the case is being investigated under section 326 for intentionally inflicting injury on another individual.

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