Malaysians Nitpicking On Faiz Subri Is A Reminder Why We Don't Deserve Good Things Sometimes - The Coverage

Malaysians Nitpicking On Faiz Subri Is A Reminder Why We Don’t Deserve Good Things Sometimes

Because we cannot just celebrate achievement without some party-poopers coming to spoil our mood. At least one give a valid argument, but the rest…

The majority of Malaysians were overcome with pride when it was announced that Penang FA footballer Faiz Subri took home FIFA’s Puskás Award, beating Brazilian top-flight star Marlone and Venezuela Women’s Under 17 ace Daniuska Rodriguez.

We’d presume it wasn’t a difficult choice for the voters, considering Faiz Subri (who got 60% of all votes!) have managed to perform such a gravity-defying goal such as this:

However, it all seems that even such an achievement was still not up to standards for some Malaysians, who took it to the social media to vent how we should not be proud of it.

If you ain't done shit, don't talk shit. You non-achieving zero. Besar nanti sila jangan membiak.#malaysiaboleh #faizsubri

Dikirim oleh Bro, don't like that la, bro pada 10 Januari 2017

Very soon after Subri gave his acceptance speech in Zurich, Malaysiakini published a comment from Terence Netto titled “If only Faiz could speak!”. In the piece, Subri was criticised for his embarrassing pause during the speech, as he fumbled for his script and his weak English.

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Of course, many also quickly came to Subri’s defence, arguing that Subri is a footballer and not a politician (Terence have compared him to DPM Zahid Hamidi). In fact, not all A-list footballers (and their managers) have perfect English – they are not literature graduates dammit!

While infuriating, at least Terence’s arguments are valid – there had been reports of ridiculous comments from keyboard warriors on the social media that would make you pull your hair out.

One fan of Johor’s Southern Tigers (JDT), who calls himself “Mat e Jamari”, said Subri does not deserve the award because he came from a “low standard” state. Jamari argued that Safiq Rahim from JDT should be the one getting it instead.

Can someone remind Jamari that his “low standard” of thinking is the problem here and should be barred from ever expressing his thoughts ever again?

Another lady that goes by “Hidayah Muslimah” urged Muslims not to be proud as Subri was seen at the acceptance speech wearing what seemed like a cross. He was actually wearing a black bow-tie and was photographed with a microphone in front of him.

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And can someone remind this lady not to bring religion into football, and not everything with a cross is Christian? What is wrong with these people?!

Source: Malaysiakini, Utaranews

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