Malaysians Takes Celebratory Selfie at Federal Highway Tolls Abolition; Najib Claims It as Umno's Effort, Not Opposition - The Coverage

Malaysians Takes Celebratory Selfie at Federal Highway Tolls Abolition; Najib Claims It as Umno’s Effort, Not Opposition


Motorists bid goodbye to RM1 and RM1.10 toll plazas at Sungai Rasu and Batu Tiga on Federal Highway before they abolished in the new year (January 1, 2018).

According to NST, some families were spotted stopping not far away from the tolls to take selfies with the toll plazas in the background. It looks like it can be hard to say goodbye to your enemy sometimes. 

malaysian taking picture at toll after its abolition
Source: NST

Father of two Saiful Rosuri, 31, said he had lived in Klang for the past 10 years and would pass through the toll booth several times a month to come here or go to Kuala Lumpur.

“It is good news for us, because every time I have to go to Kuala Lumpur either for business or leisure, we have to pay RM4.20 (for a return trip).

“Besides, the two tolls are also near each other and we have to pass through both. We appreciate the government’s move to end the toll collection,” said Saiful near the Batu Tiga toll plaza.

malaysian taking picture at toll after its abolition
Source: NST

As for biker Hamirul Asmar Hamzah, 30, he welcomed the government’s decision as he would no longer need to ride to work, decided to take his car to work instead.

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“I ride motorcycle to save cost. From tomorrow, I will drive to work especially during rainy days. I really appreciate the decision to cease toll collection at these plazas.”

malaysian taking picture at toll after its abolition
A netizen posted a picture of the toll abolition on social media. Source: Instagram

A group of Barisan National (BN) supporters were found spending their night celebrating the abolition at Sg. Rasau toll plaza on new year’s eve too.

malaysian taking picture at toll after its abolition 4malaysian taking picture at toll after its abolition
Source: MMO

Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar said the removal of the tolls showed the Barisan Nasional government listened to the people.

The Tolls Abolition is UMNO’s Effort, Not Opposition!

Echoing the thoughts, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the people can see BN’s sincerity and effort in easing the financial burden of citizens.

He said all the promises and actions by BN were not to win votes, but for the people’s interests, The Sun Daily reports.

“Several tolls have been abolished since 2009, including four (tolls), today, and toll rate continues to be controlled although the concession agreement demanded that it be raised, a legacy of one or two former leaders,” he said on his official blog, yesterday (Jan 1).

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The two other abolished tolls are the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) in Johor and Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah.

“I still remember the time when I announced this matter (abolishing tolls) when tabling the 2018 Budget. It was noisy, more so with the opposition members busy thinking on how they wanted to exploit the announcement for their political interest.

“Some say this abolition of tolls is a result of their (opposition) effort, when in fact it is Umno that that fought for it, together with the BN component parties and government leaders,” Najib reprimanded the opposition.

According to Najib, the abolition is 20 years earlier than scheduled. He said some quarters in the area were even trying to sabotage the move, saying the implementation would only cause more inconvenience to the rakyat.

“Possibly, they did not see the congestion at the toll areas, or they could not count the number of people who could now save in not having to pay toll.

“This is the opposition in Malaysia. How hypocrite they are. They are also the ones who praise highly and support the Father Of All Tolls, the former leader who made unfair agreement, benefiting some cronies, but a loss and burdening the people,” he said.

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The prime minister added that the government had to bear the burden of the toll subsidy, which now only benefited certain area and community when it could be used better and affect Malaysians nationwide.

He also said it was public knowledge that several tolls in the country were run by companies with opposition shareholders.

“In fact, they also want to build a highway with toll in the states under their leadership. Some promised to abolish toll since 2008, but until now the toll is still there. The sweet talk and promises they made to the people are impossible for them to fulfil.

“All these are just empty talks, not just toll, but not a single populist promise they made to the people is possible for them to implement because the fact being that they have no strong plans to implement them,” the prime minister added.

Starting this year, Malaysians don’t have to pay for the RM1.00 fare at Sungai Rasu and RM1.10 at Batu Tiga, saving KL-Klang frequenters more than RM84 if they take it round-trip 5 times a week.

Source: NSTThe Sun Daily, MMO




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