Malaysians Wife And Child Kidnapped And Raped After Husband Refused To Pay Protection Fees - The Coverage

Malaysians Wife And Child Kidnapped And Raped After Husband Refused To Pay Protection Fees

This is devastating, we can all agree that cases like robbing and raping in connection with the secret societies (gangsters) are not something new to us, and it could potentially disrupt the peace and safety of the public especially to us Malaysians.

Many of us already feel uncomfortable in our own country as it is, because we have to always be cautious for our safety when we’re out in public. Rape and robbery are not to be taken lightly either as it may happen to our children, our siblings or our relatives.

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As we all know, more foreigners are flooding our country which also adds to the fact that many criminal cases are tied to them. The authorities should be more concerned about the increasing number of foreigners entering the country.

Recently, a woman was abducted and raped by a group of Myanmar gangsters in a house in Selayang , Selangor.

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According to Harian Metro, the 28-year-old victim lives in Jalan City, Dengkil. She was abducted by six unidentified men at her house around 2.30 am, they were driving two Perodua Alza before being rushed to Selayang.

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It is learned that the victim has a five-year-old child that was also abducted the same night, and was locked up in a house with hands and legs tied up to prevent the child from escaping.

The six men, believed to be in their 30s allegedly kidnapped her and her child because her husband refused to pay RM3,000 a month to the gang as protection fee.

The victim was stripped naked, beaten and raped over the course of the abduction. She, who is a student at a private university was tortured before being raped in turns by five unidentified males until she passed out.

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She managed to escape when all the suspects were asleep. The victim then sought help from the public to contact her uncle before she was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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It is understood that the victim recognized two of the five suspects as they often used to disturb her family to collect protection fees.

Following the incident, the victim lodged a police report at Dengkil Police Station.

We hope she get to save her child that was being locked up and that the police are able to arrest the suspects and put them when they are meant to be, because of people like them, the streets are no longer safe to walk alone, even for men.

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