Malaysians Youth Age 21 and Below Should Have a 10PM Curfew - Not Be Allowed To Leave Their Homes From 10pm to 5am - The Coverage

Malaysians Youth Age 21 and Below Should Have a 10PM Curfew – Not Be Allowed To Leave Their Homes From 10pm to 5am

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During Wanita Umno general assembly on Wednesday (Dec 6), Wangsa Maju Wanita Umno division chief Datuk Noor Aieni Mohd Ali proposed that Malaysians under 21 years should have a 10pm curfew to avoid being involved in ‘rempit’ activities.

She urged Women, Family and Community Development Ministry to formulate a plan to make it happen, adding that the youth should not be allowed to leave their homes without adult supervision from 10pm to 5am daily.

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Source: NST

“This will ensure youths and children are under the supervision of parents and not get themselves involved with ‘rempit’ activities, gangsterism, drug abuse, loitering around public parks and doing immoral activities.

“The family institution has to be strengthened. It may be difficult to be implemented but this is the best way forward to guide the future generation from social problems and to raise them as competitive individuals in a challenging globalization era,” said the division chief.

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Her proposal to curb social ills among the youth received a roar of approval from delegates.

On Twitter, we found some Malaysians shared the same idea for the sake of youth’s wellbeing:

Source: Twitter post 1, 2, 3

In Iceland, they have resolved youth’s underage drinking after the implementation of the 10pm curfew. It had helped the country from having 42% youth reported drunk under the age of 16 in 1998 to only 5% youth reported drinking now. Their secret? Having parents to patrol the neighbourhood to keep the street youth-free at night.

Take a look at the BBC video about Iceland’s youth curfew here:

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Source: NST, WOB

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