Malaysia's PTPTN Loaners Can Win iPhone X and Huawei P10 With Every RM1,000 Repayment - The Coverage

Malaysia’s PTPTN Loaners Can Win iPhone X and Huawei P10 With Every RM1,000 Repayment


Many National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) borrowers take the government generous low-interest student loan for granted because PTPTN has been actively offering perks throughout the years in order to receive repayment.

ptptn pay and win

This time, debtors who make RM1,000 repayment would stand a chance to win iPhone X and Huawei P10 smartphones. The more you pay, the more chances you get to win sleek phones home.

iPhone X. Source: newsfirst

The announcement of this loan repayment perk was made on its website and it stated that there will be a total 19 units of P10 and one iPhone X to be given away. The “Pay and Win” contest will end on December 31 in conjunction with its 20th anniversary.

huawei p10
Huawei P10. Source: xiaomitoday

If you didn’t know, one iPhone X is retailed at a whopping RM5,149 price tag and P10 at RM2,499.

According to FMT, PTPTN chairman Shamsul Anuar Nasarah said a total of 663,000 borrowers didn’t even pay a single cent back to their loans.

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“As of Jan 31, we have disbursed RM48.7 billion in student loans.

“By now, we should have collected RM18.8 billion back but we have managed to collect only RM10.8 billion, meaning many borrowers are in arrears.

“According to our records, 663,000 students owing a total of RM4.7 billion have not repaid their loans at all,” he said.

Yikes. Take this opportunity to make your repayment, guys! It’s time we appreciate PTPTN’s service that gave us an opportunity to pursue tertiary education by making timely repayments.

For the full details of the contest and T&C, visit PTPTN page here.



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