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Man With 3 ‘Wives’ Says He Punishes Them By Banning SEX For A Month If They Annoy Him

A Russian polygamist with three ‘wives’ has revealed he punishes them by banning sex for a month if they annoy him.

Ivan Sukhov, 34, from the city of Vladimir in Russia’s western Vladimir Oblast region, says he dreams of having more wives and at least 50 children.

According to Russian law, he can only have one official wife. His other two partners live with him by mutual agreement.

Before becoming a polygamist, Sukhov lived with his legal wife Natalia Sukhova for 11 years.

He said he felt a strong desire to be the head of a large family and wanted to have more wives and as many children as possible.

Natalia, who works as a nurse in a local hospital, said: ‘I was against the idea at first. I could not imagine such a situation, but then I changed my mind because he really wanted to have a large family.’

Sukhov has nine children so far.

Six of them are Natalia’s and three of them Anna’s. Anna is now pregnant with his 10th child.

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He said: ‘I want to have at least 50 children, but the more the better.’

The family lives in a three-room flat, but Sukhov is thinking of selling up to buy a big house in the suburbs.

Sukhov has a separate room and every evening he invites one of his wives to spend the night with him.

Natalia said: ‘He invites us in a row.’

According to Sukhov, if he has a problem with one of his partners, he punishes her by withholding sex.

He said: ‘If one of my wives does something wrong, I will not invite her to bed for a month.’

Reports in Russia said the ‘wives’ live harmoniously together.

Recently, he accepted a woman named Madina to enter his family. Madina is a Muslim while Sukhov is Russian Orthodox.

She had to go against the wishes of her parents and religion to be with him.

Madina said: ‘I saw him on TV and fell in love with him. I decided to be with him no matter what they said.’

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Sukhov and his wives all have jobs and receive a salary. According to the polygamist, they have enough money to provide themselves and their children with a good standard of living.

Sukhov says he is ready to accept more wives into his growing family, but he has some requirements.

He said: ‘I like tall, slim and affectionate women.’

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