Man High On Drugs Robs The Wrong ATM Machine!!! - The Coverage

Man High On Drugs Robs The Wrong ATM Machine!!!

SARAWAK: The incident happened at a Public Bank branch at Batu 7, Kota Sentosa, Kuching earlier this morning (25.11.2016). A guy who thought it would be a good idea to rob an ATM machine with a screwdriver successfully opens the machine.

Sadly this genius wrongly opened the cheque deposit machine instead. Oh, poor guy, you had only one thing to do.

A bank control centre based in Kuala Lumpur spotted the incident through the CCTV, and shut off all the machines and ATM kiosk after informing authorities in Kota Sentosa.

According to INFO Sarawak, the man was caught in the act around 4.20 in the morning and was high on Nospan.

Police have arrested him.

Though he went for a less violent route in robbing, it is still a crime.

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