Man In Casual Outfit Gets No Service From Promoters At A (H) Car Showroom - The Coverage

Man In Casual Outfit Gets No Service From Promoters At A (H) Car Showroom

Guys, probably the next time you want to go to a car showroom, you might want to suit up and bring 10 freaking bodyguards along just to ‘prove’ that you are capable of buying a vehicle from there.

I still can’t grasp the idea of why people who are dressed casually gets shunned off by promoters, regardless of whether it is a high-end place or not.

It seems that it’s kind of a trend these days as another case pops up, according to Xing.

Based on his Facebook post, he was actually doing a personal ‘social experiment’ where he wanted to break the myth of salesmen, not entertaining customers who are dressed shabbily. But guess what, the myth has been confirmed as the truth.

“I was wearing a singlet, pair of shorts and slippers. Wanted to try for myself to see if the car salesman will only attend to you based on your outer appearance like how everyone said.”

“Turns out it was true. From me entering the showroom to look at the cars to exiting the premise, not even one person came to greet me nor recommend cars to me.”

And the worst part, Xing actually had to go up to one of the salesmen to actually inquire about the vehicle. This time around this incident took place at a showroom with the initial of H, but previously other well-known car showrooms were also highlighted.

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What has become of the sales people in this era? Have you also encountered similar situations? Do you have tips on how to counter this situation?






1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Evelyn Yee

    July 17, 2017 at 17:27

    To me, that is NOT professional selling! Period.

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