Man Loses His Leg To Diabetes And Has Kidney Failure After Drinking 6 Sodas A Day - The Coverage

Man Loses His Leg To Diabetes And Has Kidney Failure After Drinking 6 Sodas A Day

Sure, on a hot day the best beverage to drink is ice cold soda! Although carbonated drinks in a can or a bottle are what we call ‘refreshing’, the amount of sugar it comes with can wreak havoc to our health over long-term consumption.

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Water may be the most tasteless drink out there (because it is tasteless) but it is the best sort of liquid you want in your body! Keeping your body hydrated with water not only helps your lose weight, it maintains your health and it also refreshes you.

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A 58-year-old Singaporean man reportedly drank six cans of soft drinks everyday without fail. By the age of 21, he was already diagnosed with diabetes!

You should know that if anyone who shares the same blood as you has a diabetic history, you are more prone to getting diabetes too, so it is important to start young with a healthy diet to prevent diabetes from developing.

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Lim, who is a former chef left school at the age of 12 and started working his way up in a restaurant to become a chef. However, due to the scorching heat in the kitchen, he was always drenched in sweat.

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Hence, he started downing cans of soft drinks one after the other. He consumed a minimum six cans of soft drinks in a day!

He kept consuming those sugar-filled carbonated drinks despite knowing that his mother and wife were both diabetic. In addition to that, he used to stay out overnight and drink with his friends. His unhealthy lifestyle took a toll on his body.

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He was only 21-years-old when the doctor shockingly revealed that he has diabetes during a medical check up that was required for National Service. It was hard for him to accept the fact that he suffers from diabetes as he is so young.

Instead of taking the diagnostic as a wake-up-call, he chucked away the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

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He said,

“I thought diabetes was for elderly folks only, and since I was still young, I didn’t take my condition seriously.”

19 years later, Lim who was alone at home one day, felt dizzy and vomited before passing out in the toilet. Fortunately, his younger brother came home and rushed him to the hospital.

To his dismay, doctors discovered that his sugar level was three times higher than the average person! On top of that, his kidneys were barely functioning at that time, which ultimately led to other diseases.

Source: China Press

Lim added,

“Diabetes is a silent killer. It seemed like nothing at first, but it’ll slowly take away your vision and your limbs.”

According to China Press, Lim started going for dialysis at the age of 40, three times a week. At 43 years old, his left leg was amputated as the bones were already crumbling.

“There’s nothing I can do after losing one leg. I had to resign and stay at home while relying on my elder sister to support me. If I knew this was going to happen, I would’ve taken good care of my health.”

Lim could’ve saved himself from all these if he would’ve eaten the medicine prescribed by his doctor and changed his diet! He should have taken this as a life lesson when he was diagnosed with diabetes at 21 years old. 

He was given a chance to turn over a new leave yet he did not because he is too stubborn.

Source: Andy Kenny Fitness

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Take Lim’s experience as a lesson to you all, it is okay to enjoy soft drinks once in a while, but remember never replace water with carbonated drinks! You can even add lemon and cucumber slices to your water if you dislike it not having any taste.

What do you think?

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