Man sentenced to probation after using emojis to threaten a police officer! - The Coverage

Man sentenced to probation after using emojis to threaten a police officer!

Emojis, we love and use them on a daily basis. Some may use way more than others while some may not even use it at all. However, never have I once figured someone may even go to jail because of it until today.

After spending 85 days of probation in the Peoria County jail, a Peoria man was released from his sentence due to police aggravation and intimidation to a then-Peoria police officer on Facebook early this year.


Filed for one count of attempted aggravated intimidation, Brian C. Tyler a 21 year old from Maywood Avenue pleaded guilty after he admitted into sending a message to a now-retired police officer on the 10th of May.

You may be wondering why he had chosen to sending ‘emojis’ to this police officer. Well, apparently Brian was angry at the police officer for kicking him off from someone’s property. He then took a picture of himself with the officer while making threatening claims.

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In his picture, Brian left two emojis of a cop and a gun pointing towards the gun as if he wanted to kill the police officer. Who knew emojis could lead you to jail. In addition to that, the picture had an emoji of a bomb which the prosecutors directed it to his membership in the Bomb Squad street gang.

It may not seem like a threat to some but the prosecutor took no chance with Brian and sentenced him to the 85 days probation. During his time in probation, Brian underwent drug and alchohol abuse treatment.


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