Man Turns Himself In After Kidnapping Six-Year-Old Boy In Supermarket - The Coverage

Man Turns Himself In After Kidnapping Six-Year-Old Boy In Supermarket

Parents, you might think that it is okay to let your child wander around somewhere you’re familiar with like your workplace, but you don’t know who is lurking around the corner! After this, you might want to keep your eyes on your child!

Recently, a six-year-old boy in southwestern China was rescued two days after being kidnapped when his suspected abductor turned himself over to the police.

Source: The Star

The boy, nicknamed Xiao Long from Kunming, Yunnan province, was taken to a police station in Baoshan, 490 km away from his home on Saturday, August 4.

According to CCTV footages, the boy can be seen playing arcade games outside a supermarket on Thursday, August 2, when a man clad in blue who had been loitering in the area picked him up and carried him away.

Source: The Star

The boy’s father, surnamed Long, was selling fruits from a stall just 10 metres away when the boy was abducted.

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Initially, Long and his wife did not realize their son had vanished until he failed to come home for dinner that night.

“I was thinking, maybe he went to his classmate’s house during this period.”

Police later named a 53-year-old man from Baoshan with the surname Liu as the prime suspect in the case and he later turned himself over to the police along with the boy.

Source: The Star

It is learned that the boy’s captor read to him and played games with him in an effort to keep him calm during the abduction.

Liu has now been detained on suspicion of abducting a child under the age of 14, which can carry a five-year prison sentence.

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(Source: The Star)

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