Mat Sabu’s Son Among Those Nabbed In Police Raid For Ganja : Mat Sabu Says No One Above The Law - During UMNO Ruling No Authorities Dare To Touch Minister Son - The Coverage

Mat Sabu’s Son Among Those Nabbed In Police Raid For Ganja : Mat Sabu Says No One Above The Law – During UMNO Ruling No Authorities Dare To Touch Minister Son

An aide to Mohamad Sabu has confirmed that the defence minister’s son was among two men arrested in connection with the use of illegal drugs, during a police raid on an entertainment outlet.

According to Bernama, the raid on the outlet on Jalan Ampang was conducted by a team from the Dang Wangi police headquarters at about 12.30am.

When contacted by FMT, Mohamad’s political secretary Azhar Che Mat Dali confirmed the arrest of the 31-year-old, adding that the minister was currently at the Dang Wangi police station.

“Everyone is innocent before the law until proven guilty,” he told FMT, adding that the minister was committed to allowing the proper legal channels to deal with his son’s case.

A total of 101 individuals, 55 women and 46 men, were screened during the operation last night.

The minister’s son was reported to have tested positive for ganja (cannabis).

Mohamad, better known as Mat Sabu, was the PAS deputy president before he formed his own party, Amanah, which joined Pakatan Harapan to topple Barisan Nasional in the elections last year.

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Hoping for son’s innocence, Mat Sabu says no one above the law

Family members of Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu are reeling in shock after his son was arrested for drugs abuse last night, with the Amanah leader making an emotional plea to the public not to pass judgments on him and his wife.

“We are going through the most difficult period of our lives. We never thought this would happen. As a father, I too want to know the truth,” he told FMT when met at the Dang Wangi police headquarters here, where his son, Ahmad Saiful Islam Mohamad, was being held.

Mohamad said as a minister, he must now put aside his personal interests and allow the law to take its course in dealing with his son’s case.

“I am committed to the principle that no one is above the law. But I also hold dearly to the principle that a man is innocent until he is proven guilty in a court of law.”

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Saiful Islam, 31, was among two men who reportedly tested positive for ganja (cannabis), during a police operation in Kuala Lumpur which nabbed over 100 people.

The Amanah leader, better known as Mat Sabu, propelled to high office in the wake of the general election last year, after years of political wilderness. He was seen close to Dr Mahathir Mohamad at the height of the election campaign, and his oratory skills were widely credited for winning the hearts of voters in the Malay heartlands to support Pakatan Harapan.

Mat Sabu said his wife was going through “so much pain” after hearing of their son’s arrest.

But he said they were powerless to stop the public from speculating about them, including accusing him of “failing as a parent”.

“But if he had indeed committed an offence, then I am all for the law to take its course,” said Mat Sabu.

In a separate statement, he said: “My son, like the sons of others, is also subjected to due legal process.”

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Mat Sabu added that the case involving his son was “yet another challenge” for him to prove that integrity and rule of law would prevail under the PH government.

“We live by the rule of law. My personal ordeal is secondary,” said Mat Sabu.

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