MBPJ Has Confiscated Damansara Uptown Soft Toy Uncle’s Entire Stock - Suffers Severe Illness , Leukemia & Legs Are Rotting - The Coverage

MBPJ Has Confiscated Damansara Uptown Soft Toy Uncle’s Entire Stock – Suffers Severe Illness , Leukemia & Legs Are Rotting

Uncle David revealed on Facebook that all of his current stock has been confiscated by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ). However, it is unclear why they decided to confiscate everything or if Uncle David possesses a business license.

According to another Facebook post, Uncle David said that a total of 107 of his soft toys have been confiscated (amounting to RM642), along with 43 luggage tags (RM129), which sums up to a total of RM771. As such, he is now pleading for netizens’ help to replace his stock so he can keep his business growing. Upset by what Uncle David had to go through, netizens soon began donating and helping him in whatever way they can. If you want to help Uncle David out too, you can contact him at 016-2622 1701

My items has been raised by MPPJ. I need cash to get stocks to earn an honest living. I need rm 750 urgently. Those in the position to help please help. Even rm 10; 50 or 100 will go along to helping me. David 016 2622 1701. – David

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Kyan Ng wrote that he went to the HSBC branch in Uptown Damansara and saw Uncle David there, but there was something different about him. He said, “Today, I realised something different than usual. It was Uncle David’s legs. I saw him using his hands to support his movements and I asked him why he was doing that.

That was when he showed me his legs. He can’t even walk properly and needs people to support him when he wants to go to the toilet. The moment I saw this, I can’t imagine how tough it must be for him to go back and forth while still promoting the dolls to support his living.”

Kyan tried to persuade Uncle David to visit the hospital but he refused to do so. Thus, the caring young man promised to bring a friend over to visit him tomorrow to clean his wounds and avoid further infection.

Justin Cheah, the project director of Kechara Soup Kitchen posted an update about Uncle David. “Uncle David actually has a house in Pandan Indah which he bought with his EPF money and rented out a room. He wishes to be independent so he sells toys. He was diagnosed with leukemia and his check-up is next month at a hospital in Pandan Mewah. His health stats are currently unknown.”

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