[Mid Valley] Girl Encounter Pervert Recording Her From Below! She Snatched The Phone And Found Many More?! - The Coverage

[Mid Valley] Girl Encounter Pervert Recording Her From Below! She Snatched The Phone And Found Many More?!

This pervert is a pro!

Happened in Mid Valley Megamall, a netizen named Giney Chan encounters a pervert who tried to peep on her! When she was shopping, suddenly she noticed a suspicious man squatted down closely behind her!

“A guy squatted down with his phone camera peeping under me. I requested him to show me what’s on his phone, but he’s trying to delete something over his phone before passing to me. I quickly snatched his phone.”

In response, she yelled her friend’s name for help. The man was shocked, he took off while leaving his phone behind. The camera was still recording when Chan snatched it from the pervert.

They browsed through the phone and found something shocking! There are multiple upskirt videos of different women! This pervert is not joking.

“So I went to speak to Kimonoya Manager, Mr. Nick and take a look over CCTV. Then we went to Midvalley Operation Office made a report to the Police & Security Team, Sir Zulkefli & Sir Hasni.”

“As I handed over his phone to (the) policeman, I kept the memory card safe with me. I got home and checked it out. Apparently, the pervert was not a first-time offender.”

This pervert is totally a professional stalker! Even though he is using an older model of Samsung phone, however, the phone has a 32 GB Kingston Micro SD Class 10 memory card!! (Class 10 is meant for better performance in video recording) He is very well equipped for this!!

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“When I was browsing through his gallery, I found out there were 6 videos, including mine. He has apparently filtered (all the videos) and kept only the ‘good videos’.” Judging from the background of the footage, the pervert operated at different stores such as pharmacies and accessories shop.”

“He also preferred those stores with high shelves so that he has the legit reason to squat or bend down to take videos and the victims wouldn’t suspect him. More shockingly, some of the victims were not alone when the pervert blatantly took their upskirt video. So don’t let your guard down even when you’re accompanied by friends.”

Chan’s bravery was praised by many netizens. Thanks to her, countless other women are saved from becoming prey to this pervert! So girls, even when you do shopping, look around and be more careful!


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