Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources Need To Give Us An Answer : Klang Valley at its 4th Major Water Cut In 12 Months - Affecting more than 3 Mil People - The Coverage

Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources Need To Give Us An Answer : Klang Valley at its 4th Major Water Cut In 12 Months – Affecting more than 3 Mil People

More than 758,000 accounts, or an estimated three million users, will be affected by a water supply disruption in seven districts in Selangor

This is the Minister of Minister of Water, Land and Natural Resources and where was he over the weekend?

Almost the entire Klang valley was without water, this minister hails from Klang and yet at this critical timein the face of a maajor water crisis he was out there attending political retreat playing politics according to Anwar Ibrahim’s tune.

Many PKR MP’s and leaders who had work to do thier own work skipped this political gathering arranged with what looked like ulterior motives, they knew their work commitment came first and gave that priority, but with the Klang valley at probably its fourth major water cut in twelve months causing hardships to the many more than a million people was not important enough I suppose for Xavier Jayakumar to skip this political retreat.

Zuraidah did not turn up she had a prior engagement in Surabaya and some other pre-prepared function in line with her duties, so where was Xavier.

Probably he thought it would be settled in a day or two and left it at that.

This morning when I called his ministry I told the person who answered the phone that I suspected sabotage, because the two major breakdowns in the last 12 months came prior to an announced major maintenance shutdown, and after it was supposedly fixed in both cases it occurred again. Coincidence???

Well I think Xavier had better go buy numbers I think there is a better chance for him to win numbers then for this kind of occurrence to happen twice, or that the people who are handling the repairs are incompetent, I am sure not.

We all know that there are many elements in these organizations waiting to see this government fall, and a thorough investigation has to be carried out and such elements prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Leaving all that aside, there is no way one can get to the Syabas, or whoever it is to get answers. Communication is only one way you take it, it does not matter if you do not accept bullshit, you just take it, they make the announcement and you are supposed to accept the announcement whether you like it or not is of no consequence as far as they are concerned.

It is your money so what is the attitude, we are in charge and we’ll do it you do not ask questions when anything goes wrong, we’ll tell you and no matter how strange that sounds that is just it tht seems to be the attitude.

You call the Minister you can’t get him either, you leave a message with his people for him to call you the message is taken but I suppose it is unthinkable for an ordinary citizen to call the minister right? He is extremely busy playing politics in Port Dickson and now back at work he can’t attend to the thousands possibly millions of angry phone calls form people who are still wondering if he’s having a picnic in Port Dickson.

These multiple water disruptions are disrupting our lives, it’s not a matter of fixing and repairing it is preventive maintenance, it is monitoring, it is making sure it does not happen, it is security, it is being able to envisage problems before it happens that is what managing is about and that is what is expected of you and your ministry.

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Speaking in context of a dentist:

Yes, of course when teeth have decayed beyond repair you pull them out, that happens so often in the life of a dentist, if there is a cavity you fill it up that too us is o often the job of the dentist, but preventing all these from happening and ensuring that the other teeth are properly maintained is the more important aspect of dentistry, Oral health care, but more often than not dentist advertise services like tooth implant, painless extraction, tooth repair, capping and the others, and less often Oral care before this happens.

The same applies here, water is a resource that is so important to life as a whole, without water human beings can die, over the weekend the Klang General Hospital had its water cut too and the minister was either not aware or did not think that important enough to be on site to ensure that services resumed as soon as possible, Port Dickson and support for Anwar was.

With the exception of a slight trickle for about three hours yesterday, I am still without water, announcement have been made that it had been restored at 3.00 a.m. yesterday it is now 6.34 p.m my water tank is bone dry, my taps are bone dry, I am washing myself with bottled water I purchased from the shops and that too is now in short supply and the minister is yet to call me.

Well at 70 it is not ideal to go out and fetch water either from the pipes out there or from the tankers situated about a kilometer from me at Taman Rakyat, especially with my cervical spondylosis.

So Mr. Minister whether you are busy at work or still at the picnic in Port Dickson please call me, I have left my number with the three people I called today.

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Yes I voted the PH in the last elections, that was not a blank cheque.

I still support PH but I have worries about the way PKR in particular is performing and that is worrying and unless we put matters straight right at the beginning we may find Najib and gang back and that is looking very real a threat they way this particulate party is behaving.

As I see it there is a big doubt that Anwar will become a good Prime Minister, I see him as having the shortest tenure as PM if he chooses to become one, and I also suspect he knows he he is not the best choice.
No one, really no one ever saw or looked at Azmin being a threat to his succession as PM she imagined it and together with his team they wrecked havoc on the very party they founded.

Xavier Jayakumar could have taken a page out of Zuraida, Zuraida attended to her duty instead ofa so called retreat at Port Dickson where the insecure Anwar Ibrahim wanted to make sure he had the numbers how ridiculous.

More than a million people the Klang valley are facing a major water crisis and Xavier Jayakumar gave precedence to a political function and left others to manage a major crisis when he should have been helming all activities to make sure the people had their water in time as fast as possible.

The press has said water supply resumed by 3.00 a.m. this morning, there are still people in the que collecting water now at 7.33 p.m. in Klang.

What is happening are they in control of the situation or not.?

Source : Francis T Rozario

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