Miri Man Caught While Trying to Dump the Body of His Girlfriend's 13-Year-Old Daughter - The Coverage

Miri Man Caught While Trying to Dump the Body of His Girlfriend’s 13-Year-Old Daughter

A furniture shop worker was arrested yesterday (Jan 10) after a car chase in his Proton Iswara which carried a dead body in his car boot. 

At 5.55pm yesterday, police patrol team on duty found the man behaved suspiciously as he stopped his car in an alley near some bushes in Jalan Perlis, Kuala Baram, Miri, NST reports.

miri man caught red handed with dead body in his car 3
Source: sarawakvoice

The police reported that they saw the man’s car boot left open and when he spotted the police car, he shut the boot immediately, jumped into the driver seat and sped off.

After a 5km-long car chase, the Iswara was cornered at a junction in Miri Port, said Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department chief Datuk Dev Kumar in a statement.

miri man caught red handed with dead body in his car 2
Source: sarawakvoice

“The patrol team instructed the man to open the car boot, where they found the body of a teenage girl,” said the CID chief.

The body was later identified as the girlfriend of the man’s daughter aged 13-year-old, the younger of two sisters.

Dev said the victim was a student of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Merbau and she was strangled during an argument with the man at a rented house in Permyjaya, Miri where she lived together with her sister, mother, and the man, aged 33-year-old.

miri man caught red handed with dead body in his car
Source: NST

“Initial investigations showed an argument had occurred between the man and the victim when her mother and sister were not around in the house at about 11am. The argument turned fatal when the man became aggressive and choked the victim to death.

“In attempt to hide the murderous act, the man wanted to dump the body of the victim in the bushes, but his attempt was foiled by the patrol team,” said Dev.

The CID chief added that man came from Kuala Lumpur and he worked at a furniture shop in Piasau, Miri.

Dev commanded the two policemen on patrol duty, saying that this was a classic example of work by observant policemen.

Right? Catching a criminal red-handed without any prior suspicious report comprises much odds! Yet the officers’ vigilance has cracked the case with ease. We could only imagine how bad it would be if the body was gone unnoticed. 

Kudos to the two cops. 



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