Mother Peacefully Plays Mahjong After Locking Up Crying Toddler In A Dog Cage!!! - The Coverage

Mother Peacefully Plays Mahjong After Locking Up Crying Toddler In A Dog Cage!!!

In Beijing, one of the Chinese medias reported that a 35-year-old woman from Daweishan had allegedly locked up her 3-year-old son in a dog cage.

And the reason why she did such thing would probably throw you into a fit!

Apparently, her son had been crying non-stop and not being able to take his cries anymore, she decides to throw him into the dog cage and locked him in there, while she continued her Mahjong game peacefully.

According to the source, the lady that goes by the surname Jiang had moved with her son to Liuyang after all the other members of her family had passed away.

Despite several eyewitnesses claiming to have witnessed the same incident, she strongly claims that these allegations were false. She even said that other children were responsible for locking the cage door. Which other kids, lady?

In the report, she was quoted saying, ” I just put him in there for a while, [but] I was not doing this for real.”

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Nearby residents also said that she and her son lived about 1km away and would often visit the street where she played mahjong with others.

Someone, please get this woman’s background checked! Luckily the local government officials said that they will run a background check to see if she is at all qualified or capable of taking care of the child in the first place.


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