Motorcycle Shop Caught On Fire Sent People Scrambling As Motorbikes In The Shop Exploded One By One - The Coverage

Motorcycle Shop Caught On Fire Sent People Scrambling As Motorbikes In The Shop Exploded One By One

Wow, this is something that we wished to never happen!

P. Shankar, an editorial artist who works at Star Media Group went out for lunch with his wife before work one day. It was supposed to be a normal lunch date, but it turned into an eventful one when the couple witnessed a motorcycle shop in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur being engulfed with flames, setting off a chain reaction of vehicle explosions.

“I was eating lunch with my wife when we suddenly heard a loud explosion. We went to see what happened and saw the fire at a motorcycle shop nearby.”

According to P. Shankar, the fire raged at the shop in Taman Kasturi and it began to consume the vehicles inside, which prompt people to evacuate the shoplots nearby.

“The motorbikes at the shop then started to explode one by one.

“There was a tuition centre above the motorcycle shop with lots of young kids, about three or four-years-old.”

The children were seen rushing down the stairs and running out that even Shankar said there was “a lot of panic”, that even owners of cars and motorbikes parked nearby also rushed to move their vehicles.

“From what I gathered, everyone managed to get out in time. Nobody was hurt.”

Shankar added that he saw and heard a few explosions and that he could feel the heat of the flames from 50 meters away. He left the area around 1.10 pm and noticed two fire trucks rushing to the scene.

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Hopefully there is an update to the case soon, and that everyone is safe and not hurt. But I really wonder where did the fire come from, do you think that it had something to do with petrol?

Share your thoughts with us!

(Source: The Star)


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