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Mujahidin Zulkiffli : Half of Malaysians Still Reject Pakatan Harapan

PH won GE14 but 50% voted against PH.

“The newly-concluded 14th General Election (GE14) saw Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) dominance in popular votes of about 50 per cent, as was recorded in GE13.

Popular votes is the total number or percentage of votes received by a party.

The findings were based on the data of the number of votes garnered by three main parties contesting in the election. PH led the race with 5,685,252 votes, followed by Barisan Nasional (BN) 3,624,921 votes (or 32 percent); and PAS 2,043,159 votes (18 per cent).” – NST

PH – 5,685,252
BN-PAS – 5,668,080
PH Majority by 17,172

Yes, a tiny tiny margin. Half of Malaysians still reject Pakatan Harapan. If you check MKini and Wiki, PH got less than 50% and BN-PAS got 51%.

Considering that most of PH’s win are in the urban constituencies, we are still far far away from winning the rural battle.

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All credit to PPBM, Amanah, Warisan and PH Sarawak for giving a great show in the rural areas of Malaysia. You had tougher battles than PKR and DAP in the urban and suburban seats of Semenanjung.

I predicted a slight BN win with the help of PAS, I was gladly proven wrong. But look at the numbers again and tell me if I’m really really wrong. I did say that a high voter turnout may give PH a slight win and 80% voter turnout managed to do it. I was right.

In GE13, we won 52% popular votes. In GE14, we only won 50%. We won the seats game, but we didn’t win the people. BN lost the people but PAS won. They even won an additional state. Many people predicted a PAS wipe-out but my observation says, they are gaining strength and only warming up for GE15.

In GE13, PAS received 1,633,389 votes. In GE14, they got 2,043,159. In GE13, PAS got votes because of Pakatan supporters. In GE14, they got it on their own, without a coalition.

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Still think I was wrong about PAS?

Had it been a two-way fight in the rural Malay heartland between PH-PAS, I believe PAS would have won more seats simply because in the rural Malay areas, we haven’t garnered enough strength to win. PPBM and Amanah are both too young and haven’t had the time and resources to do better compared to PKR and DAP that are both much older and have easier battles with mostly the already converted urbanites.

So let’s remember, we may have won this battle, but the war is far from over. The win was provided by every party so let’s not argue who won more seats because others can argue that they have higher winning ratios and some can argue that they were given tougher seats to win. It is only important and everyone is represented at the top and that the people selected are the right person for the job.

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Pakatan leaders, please ponder over this. Please, enough with the power struggles. Unite and start working on winning the rural areas and the underserved Malaysians. The defeated are being magnanimous in defeat. They have been quiet, but they are already working towards winning the next election. And we are laughing at ourselves because let’s face it, we didn’t expect this win, we fought to win but didn’t have proper plans in place for the after win, because why? Because we didn’t think we would win.

And let’s be gracious in winning, because the truth is, for everyone that voted for PH, an equal number voted against.

It is time for national reconciliation!

Let’s unite Malaysia!

– Mujahidin Zulkiffli

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