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Musa Aman Challenges The Chinese Goddess of The Sea : Kidnap The Ma Tzu Statue & Asking For Ransom – Queen of Heaven Will Soon Send Him To Prison

“Musa Khan Al-Pushtuni Wal-Ringgiti now begins to act like Pharaoh Namrud who challenged God, smug with jealousy,vengeful and proud.”

PROPHET Abraham a.s. bravery in destroying idols during the Babylonian Empire and Prophet Moses a.s. skills in confronting the Pharaoh have overwhelmed Musa Khan Al-Pushtuni to become the Pharaoh himself and challenged
Ma Tzu (Goddess Of The Sea).

(Tan Sri) akin to a monkey blessed with wealth (a Malay proverb). Musa is driving ’a car without a driving license’and have placed the laws into his own hands to acquire for himself all the wealth and take every opportunity for his own gains. Just like the ape given with ripens bananas who easily forgot the Tarzan that have all along care for him will devour the entire “banana.”Not content with the wealth that have been dubiously taken, Musa Khan now begins to act like Pharaoh Namrud who challenged God, smug with jealousy, vengeful and proud.

As a result of Chong Kah Kiat’s outspokenness in pointing out the damage done on the Coral reefs at Sipadan Island by the contractor, who have attained international accolade when appointed by the Ministry of Finance, whose minister is Musa Khan himself, Chong therefore had become the tar-get of vengeful act by “the son of Pakistan” who belong to the Pushtun tribe.

Unknowingly to everyone, Musa Khan directed the State Secretary, who has no locus-standi to issue a stoppage order to the construction of the Ma Tzu Statue Development Project accompanying it with a “childish” reasoning, saying its locality is in the vicinity of the Asy-Syakirin Mosque.

The project itself is built upon a piece of property belonging to the Kudat Thean Hon Charitable Foundation which is chaired by Chong Kah Kiat without a single cents coming from the government.There has never been any case anywhere in the democratic world where a government has interfered in the religion of other people except the government of the Pharaoh Musa Khan Al-Pushtuni.Freedom of religion has been well accepted harmoniously in Malaysia in line with the Word of Allahin the surah Al-Kafirun (La Kum Di Nu Kum Waliya-din ) “

To us our religion, to you your religion”.

The Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Sabah, Datuk Ujang Sulani wrote the letter ref: KKT & P: (S)200-1/15/0 (39) dated 06 June 2006 under the order of the Sabah Chief Minister which was given in memo and oral form by the Public Relation Secretary in The Chief Minister’s Office to the Commissioner, Kudat Town Board to order the developer to immediately stop the construction of the said statue until and ‘ consent’ have been given by Musa Khan Alpushtuni.

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This situation shows as if Musa Khan kidnap the Ma Tzu Statue ala Abu Sayyaf  at Sipadan and asking for ‘ ransom
’ to “ keep quite ” and not be too nosy just because Pak Lah have received remarks from outside saying Sipadan is badly destroyed and forcing Musa Khan to point fingers at Chong.

When Completed, this Buddhist Statue will complement the tourism package due to its proximity to the Marina Resort, Golf Club and Sea Port. This picture was taken at the site where the Buddhist Statue will be erected.

Musa Khan Vs Goddess Of The Sea

As a faithful Buddhist, Chong is of the opinion that the government should not interfere with how he keep his religion by telling God what ought to be worship, where to worship, how to worship God and where to construct and built temples or statues.

“I hold to the principles of defending rights to religious freedom as guaranteed by the Federal Constitution,”
Chong said when asked about his resignation as Deputy Chief Minister and State Cabinet Minister of Sabah. Chong said he had no problem with the National Front Government, but as man of principles he has to opposed the ignorance and atrocious of Musa Khan why interfered with the management of his religion.“

The Malaysia Government allows devotees to build places of worship in the city areas, why would the Ma Tzu Statue become the victim?  Even the Islamic Government in Kelantan did not object to the construction of three Buddhist Statues , why then would this so called multi-racial National Front government not do likewise? ” explained Chong who regretted why Musa Khan directed his vengeance towards Ma Tzu.

The irony behind this episode is, has the government ever considered the objection by other religious body before they built any mosque next to their places of worship, to the extend that the sound of the ‘azan’ disturb their sleep or while their children are at study?

But when building Temple or Statue in honor of the religion of their forefathers, these followers of other religions are
‘preached’ and ‘ counseled’ at great length to the extend of touching sensitive issues such as race and religions. His situation has caused Chong to feel angry and challenged because the Mufti has interfered with the religion of his ancestors which is guaranteed by Federal Constitution , and the Al-Quran itself.

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Chong tried to calm himself and met the Prime Minister to discuss the issue, however Pak Lah asked to be given some time to resolve the issue in the best possible manner, but Pak Lah’s Islamic Hadhari Promise is a promise “to keep quite and to see what will happen.”

However, Musa Khan was adamant until Chong is forced to resign his ministerial post in defense of his principles.

Why would Yong be mad when Chong Kah Kiat was appointed as the Deputy Chief Minister, just because he was hoping that the post should have been given to Raymond Tan Shu Khiah which caused Tham Nyip Shen to withdraw from being a candidate, and why would Au Kam Wah who is still young replace Tham?

Maybe the people of Sabah didn’t know that Tham Nyip Shen’s father, Datuk Tham Koon Siong, the ‘Dragon Head’ and Musa Khan’s proxies, who have ‘taken for himself’ the piece of land belonging to SRJK Yuk Yin , Keningau after he was falsely appointed as Trustees and have changed the termof the land lease in constructing shop lots by Sri Padasa Sdn.Bhd.

A company owned by Liew Kuat Kiong , who is also the crony of Musa Khan. Is Tham Nyip Shen planning to also rob the two-acre plot for Ma Tzu just as what his father did for his own benefits?

Another Buddhist devotee, Dr Hiew King Chew , regrets that not only the BN government failed to develop Sabah , but also fail to guarantee human rights and have done injustice to followers of other religions.

“Is Musa attempting to replace God?  This is not fair. Why would he disturb God and our belief? If he is not capable of safe guarding racial harmony and religious freedom, he should resign.

This is very embarrassing ,” Hiew said who also insist that Chong should go ahead with the construction of the said statue. According to Hiew, all devotees of the Buddhist religion are fully backing Chong and ask Chong to ignore the wild orders given by the State Secretary asking to stop the project. Hiew draws attention to Chapter 3 of the Federal Constitution which says,

“Islam is the official religion of the Federation, but other religion can be practiced peacefully and harmoniously anywhere in the Federation.”

Chong Kah Kiat with a his friend taking a photo session at the location of the Ma Tzu Statue which is 90 %  completed but was stopped immediately by order from Musa Khan.

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Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the Human Rights Commission, Tan Sri Simon Sipaun,  said Article 18 of the
Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved by the United Nations since December 10, 1948 provides guarantee to every person that is borne to practice the teaching of their own religion.

“I have seen in many places here in Malaysia and in Indonesia where places of worship have been built without facing any difficulties and I can’t see why the Sabah State Government should?”

Tan Sri Simon said who also asked all quarters to respect Human Rights bestowed to every borne person as it can not be withdrawn by any government anywhere in the world.

Mazu, also known by several other names and titles, is a Chinese sea goddess. She is the deified form of the purported historical Lin Mo or Lin Moniang, a Fujianese shamaness whose life span is traditionally dated from 960 to 987. Revered after her death as a tutelary deity of seafarers, including fishermen and sailors, her worship spread throughout China’s coastal regions and overseas Chinese communities throughout Southeast Asia. She was thought to roam the seas, protecting her believers through miraculous interventions. She is now generally regarded by her believers as a powerful and benevolent Queen of Heaven.

Although many of Mazu’s temples honor her titles Tianhou and Tianfei, it became customary to never pray to her under those names during an emergency since it was believed that, hearing one of her formal titles, Mazu might feel obligated to groom and dress herself as properly befitting her station before receiving the petition. Prayers invoking her as Mazu were thought to be answered more quickly.

Today, Mazuism is practiced in about 1500 temples in 26 countries around the world, mostly in the overseas Chinese communities. Of these temples, almost 1000 are on Taiwan,Representing a doubling of the 509 temples recorded in 1980 and more than a dozen times the number recorded before 1911.  These temples are generally registered as Taoist, although some are considered Buddhist. There are more than 90 Mazu Temples in Hong Kong.

Cantonese pronunciation of one of Mazu’s titles, “Empress of Heaven”.

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    November 11, 2018 at 20:43

    This is the main reason why Islam is being hated by the non believers all over the world….they want their rights but forbids others of the same rights… This is called hypocrisy… No wonder more and more Muslims became apostate in the west….


    November 11, 2018 at 20:44

    What a waste of time! This story was written during Pak Lah’s time. Why even bother recycling such a grandmother’s story?

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