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‘Muslim Only Laundry’ In Johor Causes Outrage Among Netizens

Malaysia is known to be a country united in race, religion and culture. However, in every country there is always controversy when it comes to this issues. Just yesterday, the internet was going crazy about the news of a self-service laundry shop that only offered it’s services to Muslims.

So this laundry place is self-service however, they have a board that states it only caters to Muslim customers. The post went viral all over social media and led to many Malaysians (even Muslims) that took the stage to debate on this logic of segregation of clothes.

Netizens Don't Know What to Think of Muslim Only Self-Service Laundry in Muar - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: World of Buzz

The Facebook post that was shared garnered loads of attention from netizens. News media, Sinchew said the signboard displayed, “Only for Muslim customers. Muslim-friendly. Please take off your shoes before entering.”

The laundry then changed their signboard after a week to a more detailed one instead,


“Muslim-friendly. This shop only accepts Muslim customers for sanctity factors. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please take off your shoes before entering.”

If you’re wondering where this laundry is located, it’s located in Muar, Johor. It has been operating for over a year and had no signboards right until a month ago. Even their machines were placed with signboards saying, “Only for Muslim customers.” 

Not sure if this was a marketing strategy to grab attention, but it certainly did create loads of attention for this laundry shop. 

But of course, Malaysians always have their opinions and thoughts to share! As World of Buzz reported, many were condemning the shop for such discrimination against other races and religion and even stated that it was bad because it is segregating people instead of being united. Some Muslim’s however explained their opinion saying,

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“The motive of this shop is just to allow their Muslim customers to be able to clean their clothes well in order to go for their prayers. “Sometimes at these laundry shops, there may be customers who bring in clothes or fabric that may be contaminated with non-halal things such as saliva or fecal matter from dogs. We must have clean and pure clothes for our prayers so that it will be accepted.”

Harian Metro interviewed the Johor Mufti and asked for his comment regarding this issue. Datuk Mohd Tahrir Samsudin gave his comment by saying,

 “Cleanliness is very important for our prayers so the existence of this laundry is good for those of us who have to use these services. Sometimes, we may hesitate before using these machines but now Muslims can wash their clothes without fear and we can perform our prayers knowing that our clothes are clean and pure.”

Hmm, what do you think of this issue? Is it a bad example for our younger generation today or is the comments and explanation good enough for you? Share your thoughts!

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