Naked Woman's Body Found At A Construction Site In Johor Bahru! - The Coverage

Naked Woman’s Body Found At A Construction Site In Johor Bahru!

OMG…I would totally have to agree with Pui Fun when she said it is dangerous for a woman to be a woman, these days! Violence, rape, and abuse cases are all too common…and it is scaring the soul out of my body.

Ladies! You might want to seriously consider taking up martial arts class or any other class that will help you to defend yourselves, this is more like a necessity now, rather than just picking up a new skill or hobby.

Just the other day it was reported by China Press and WOB that a woman’s naked body believed to be from a Chinese descent was found at a construction site in Johor Bahru.

According to both sources, the victim’s body was left at the grassy field that is located just opposite the Grand BlueWave Hotel. <<< It is also known as one of the busiest spots in Johor Bahru as it is the central business and shopping districts.

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Initial investigations showed that the body could have been thrown there for several days. Why no one noticed the dead body? Well, the place is pretty much covered with plants and dirt tracks, so unless if you are hunting for ‘treasure’, it is highly unlikely to have found the decomposing body.

What is disturbing is that not only she was found naked, but she was alleged to be discovered with multiple condoms near her body. There’s no confirmation on this info by the police yet and the girl’s identity still remains a mystery, but what we do know is that they are investigating the case.

Image source: China Press




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