Namewee Exposing Malaysia Star Planet Dato Alan Foo Multi-Million Entertainment Industry Monopoly Scandal & Bullying - Is It True? - The Coverage

Namewee Exposing Malaysia Star Planet Dato Alan Foo Multi-Million Entertainment Industry Monopoly Scandal & Bullying – Is It True?

Thank you Namewee for exposing the shit happening in the multi-million entertainment industry.

Here is a name and a company that will grab headlines the next few days: “Dato’ Alan Foo” and “Star Planet”

According to Namewee’s latest video last night, the entertainment industry, specifically organisation of concerts in Malaysia, is monopolised by a few companies, which among them is one called STAR PLANET, founded by DATO’ ALAN FOO.

How it works is this:

An unwritten cooperation/pact is formed between business organisations and little napoleons in the government.

(Note: This do not necessarily involve a Minister, but more likely the little napoleons in the civil service like a specific department chief, a unit manager, an enforcement officer, a deputy director, a member of a certain panel etc. They are not politicians. They are civil servants who do not need to face voters in an election. Whoever the government is, they will still be where they are.)

The regulators of the concert industry (or any other industries) would enact funny laws and regulations. The whole idea is to make it tough for normal organisers to receive concert permits.

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This then results in foreign artists finding it hard to enter the Malaysian market.

How do they enter then? They have no choice but to go to the selected few companies like Star Planet who are well connected with the relevant little napoleons.

In other words, Star Planet and the few selected companies will be the only entry point for foreign artists to Malaysia.

Companies like Star Planet then gets to monopolise the concert industry. In return, maybe regulators or those in the government agencies get their “share”.

The list of artists that went through Star Planet so far…..

Jacky Cheung, Karen Mok, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Lionel Richie, Air Supply, Kenny G, Scorpions, Michael Buble, Michael Learns To Rock, Maksim, Boyzone, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, LeeHom, Mayday, JJ Lin, Super Junior and EXO, amongst others.

These are big names from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe, Korea etc.

Think about it.

Why all these big names choose Star Planet? You mean there are no other concert organisers in Malaysia?

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Is Star Planet the only company who has the expertise?

Unlikely. It is impossible none of the other 30 million Malaysians can organise a concert. I am sure there are others equally capable of organising a concert.

But is Star Planet the only one company who can get through the red tapes and regulations?

In most cases, yes. Other normal companies can organise, but they cannot get through the red tapes and cannot get permits.

Of course Star Planet is not the one and only “well-connected” companies. There are others operating in the same fashion too.

Have you faced similar shits in your business or the industry you’re in? Please share.

Remember. We kicked BN out. But don’t forget the very little Napoleons in the civil service are still there. The very people who created the system are still around. We need to do more.

Source : Najib Razak Must Go

Wilson Teoh Commentary

Wilson Teoh I have been in this industry for 20 years now. Not a big player but been there and seen it.There is no issue getting approvals from PUSPAL and local authorities and PDRM. This is seriously a wild claim. It’s absurd.
Promoters in Malaysia enjoy bringing in shows. There is no sabotage by a single ‘taikor’. If Namewee is worth his salt as a promoter he should know putting on a show is no big deal.Such absurd rants is bad for the industry. It’s time he learns to grow up. Not scream and shout only. – Wilson Teoh

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當你決定往別人身上灑汽油的時候, 你就要準備好別人也會抱著你衝向火海. 有時候我們做很多事情不是爲了錢和利益. 只是純粹看不慣某些人橫行霸道想討回公道而已. I believe there is fairness and justice in Malaysia… Do you? – Namewee

昨天手機被打爆了, 謝謝大家關心. 這件事跟之前不同, 之前是舊政府打壓人民很普通, 而現在這件事已經超過了那個範圍…. 現在我一次過告訴大家到底發生了什麽事, 讓大家去判斷. 黃明志4896 Final Call 跨年倒數演唱會照樣舉行! 請還沒有買票的朋友多多支持! 這是購票鏈接 – Namewee

Many many calls and messages came in yesterday, thank you for your concern. This issue is not the same as before, it’s usual for the old government to bully people, but this time is more jialat than that. – Namewee

Source : Namewee Facebook



(Star Planet)“合作方面无法达到共识”,在开唱倒数2个星期前被逼腰斩,引来众多粉丝的不满,甚至发起“声援Namewee黄明志 抗议StarPlanet星艺娱乐”的脸书专页。



14日,“Namewee黄明志-Superfans Club铁粉专页”在网上发起“声援黄明志”、“抗议starplanet星艺娱乐”标签,甚至发起抗议星艺娱乐的脸书专页“声援Namewee黄明志 抗议StarPlanet星艺娱乐”,表示演唱会临时取消的行为,严重造成粉丝们非常大的损失及伤害,“有些甚至为了前往这场别具意义的盛会,有一些事物与计划仍在进行中”,并对主办方临时取消演唱会表达强烈不满。也有网民等着黄明志上线亲自回应事件,“又有新的tokok听了”、“坐等主角的影片回复”。

不过也有网民为星艺娱乐声援,认为主办方是拥有多年经验的演唱会策划公司,不可能会无缘无故单方面取消活动的,“间中一定有什么争执。你们粉丝团还没厘清来龙去脉就出来声援,对Star Planet很不公平。”

Source : Sin Chew

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