Netizens Uproar After Alleged Malaysian Lawyer Publicly Discriminates Plus Size Women! - The Coverage

Netizens Uproar After Alleged Malaysian Lawyer Publicly Discriminates Plus Size Women!

Wow! Totally didn’t see this coming from someone who is supposedly well-educated and is a lawyer!

His response to an innocent question by an alleged plus size lady has gotten netizens fuming with anger. Just yesterday, Jiang Shao Shang posted a video answering one girl’s question with full of disgust;

“Got one fat girl asked me, is there any guy that like fat girls?”

Then he quickly responded with the ultimate body-shaming solution;

“You need to eat less rice, stop eating ice cream, stop eating chocolates and must exercise a lot…don’t even swallow your saliva.”

On top of making it clear that no man will want a fat girl. Hello! You are not even physically appealing…and if you haven’t look down to your feet before, I suggest you might want to as there’s definitely an obvious bump!

Take a look at his video:


Obviously, everyone retaliated to his post and these were some of the comments left:

“With this face of yours have no rights to talk about fat girls”

“If you sick see doctor la! Use the mirror first? You think you look like Wang Lee Hom? Sohai”

“Fat isn’t a crime. Sohai. I am so fat also got boyfriend, please watch your mouth and don’t discriminate fat people”

“Was there a fat lady who offended you? Being a fat lady is a crime? Would a judge sentence a fat lady to death? Or sentence a fat lady to exercise and forcefully slim down?”

“I feel shameful on behalf of your parents, to have this kind of disgraceful son… if your parents are fat are they going to stab themselves to death?”

One uncle even took the time to fire back at this man who thinks he is all that;

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He started off by asking that would any girl like to have a guy whose mouth is shittier than shit. The uncle also said with confidence that probably no one will fall for a guy whose mouth spouts poisonous mushrooms.

The uncle advises him to eat more durian, don’t go pasar malam that frequent, cook more pig brains with herbal spices and better don’t open your mouth and talk nonsense so much. Go team uncle!


So much for being a lawyer…what a poisonous prick!

Some even took the time to play Snapchat with his screenshots from the video. I guess people got curious what if he was a plus sized man too.





1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hennah

    June 1, 2017 at 23:55

    Why is the title not “All Chinese men hate plus sized women”?

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