Netizens From All Over The World Are Raging At The Sight Of This Whale Shark Being Sliced Alive!!! - The Coverage

Netizens From All Over The World Are Raging At The Sight Of This Whale Shark Being Sliced Alive!!!

I know some countries have a major shortage of food, but killing your “food” in a barbaric way is still unacceptable! It’s animal abuse, really!

On February 14, a Facebook user shared two videos of a whale shark getting sliced into massive chunks of meats while the poor thing was still alive. There’s no exact pinpointing of the origin of the video, however, there are claims that it’s happening in China.

It’s hard not to see why people are accusing the Chinese people as they are very well known for their barbaric ways of killing animals to be served on dinner plates.

I am at a 50/50 with this one guys, cause I know that some places on earth really have to starve for days before getting to bite on anything, so it’s no wonder why any piece of meat would make the cut, as long as stomachs are fed. But I also know that it is highly inhumane to slaughter wide open an animal while it is still breathing!

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In the first video, the first slice made by the two man with the help of a huge ass saw made an awfully big splatter on the ground when blood gushed out from the body of the whale shark. People nearby actually took the “glorious” moment to take selfies with the helpless animal. This act right here just pisses me off!

The second video shows clearly that the animal was in pain as you can see that the whale was trying to wiggle its way out and it’s mouth movement really looked like it was moaning. At one point you can even see a lady comes into frame and happily takes a picture/video of the poor being. Cheers and heavy chatter of excitement can be heard in the background too.

Grown ups and kids were surrounding the huge animal, all curious and delighted.

Come on people, please consider the fact that animals do feel pain too! Only watch the videos below if you have a strong endurance for this kind of scenes.


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