New Mexico Mother Watches As Daughter Gets Raped and Murdered By Mother's Boyfriend And Cousin - The Coverage

New Mexico Mother Watches As Daughter Gets Raped and Murdered By Mother’s Boyfriend And Cousin

It is sad how there are many twisted people with children in this world, it almost feels like potential parents should go through a course on whether they’re worthy to be parents or not to lessen the death rate of children in this world.

Some of you may have already known of this unthinkable murder of a 10-year-old New Mexico girl, Victoria Martens, who was raped, killed and then dismembered in late August last year.

Source: People

The mother, Michelle Martens, confessed that she had been organizing sexual assaults against both of her young children for months before Victoria’s death. Michelle had set up meetings with multiple men to have sex with her son and daughter as she watched on for sexual gratification.

Michelle allegedly told authorities that she used the dating website Plenty of Fish to find men who would have sex with her children. She told investigators that she met 2 men online, including boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, 31, and another man was a coworker.

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In one of the most gruesome crimes in Albuquerque history, police said Victoria was injected with methamphetamine, sexually assaulted then killed before being dismembered.

Michelle Martens. Source: People

Just one day after Victoria’s birthday, Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley, 31, sexually assaulted, stabbed and murdered the girl at approximately 5 pm on August 23. Michelle even had dinner with Fabian after the deed and after several hours she went over to a neighbor’s house in the early morning hours of August 24.

She was covered in blood and saying loudly that someone had killed her daughter, Victoria. The couple had made up a series of scenes as to how Victoria got murdered that night. Some of them included Jessica attacking the family with an iron rod or Michelle had left Jessica and Victoria home alone and found her daughter dead upon returning, Fabian and Jessica trying to dispose of the body and threatening to kill her if she said anything.

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Michelle told police she first met Jessica, a convicted rapist, in June after she was released from prison, and upon her boyfriend, Fabian’s request, Jessica moved into Michelle’s home days before Victoria’s death.

Fabian Gonzales. Source: People

Michelle also told the police that she believed Fabian was having sex with Victoria every day for a month while she was at work but she didn’t know that Jessica was interested in sexually assaulting children.

At one point of Victoria’s rape, Michelle told the police that she “should have stopped it” before her death.

Michelle has been charged with kidnapping and child abuse resulting in death, while Fabian faces the same charges as well as child rape. Jessica asked for a lawyer and has been charged with kidnapping, child abuse resulting in death and child rape.

Jessica Kelley. Source: People

All three have pleaded not guilty to their charges.

It is not clear whose custody Michelle’s son, Matthew, is now – a relative or the state, but Matthew’s father sought restraining orders against Michelle and the others soon after Victoria’s death.

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The death of Victoria shocked the city, with Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden Jr. calling it “the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career.”

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez called Victoria’s abuse


“Justice should come down like a hammer.”

(Source: People)




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