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New York Times Lashed By Russian News Anchor For Falsely Using Her Name To Shame Russian Media

A report by New York Times over Russian interference in the US elections has drawn criticism from one Russian news anchor they quoted, who alleges the media for falsely representing her work.

On January 7th, the New York Times released an article titled “Russia’s RT, The Network Implicated in U.S. Election Meddling”, in the article they alleged that two news anchors had quit their jobs live on air, calling Russia’s RT network a propaganda outlet.

American media had alleged that Russia has interefered with the American elections to place Donald Trump as president, a conspiracy theory that supporters of Hillary Clinton alleges.

They also quoted one of the news anchor, Abby Martin, who said before quitting, “What Russia did was wrong.”

In response, Abby wrote a response on to clarify the quote, saying that while it was true that she said that on air, criticising Russia’s military entrance into Crimea and the network’s glorification of it – she did not quit the network on air.

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Abby alleges that the NY Times “twists the truth, omits the facts, and ironically contradicts their entire argument.”

She said that she continued her show for an entire year after the incident. Not only did she managed to keep her job after that, she said RT even issued an official statement in support of her freedom to state her opinion on the network. She said she continued to voice her concerns and opinions about Russia, from MH-17 to the Ukraine crisis, unfiltered.

Abby has also said that she eventually quit the job last year, not because RT was a propaganda outlet, but because she wanted to to do more in-depth investigative reporting.

While the NY Times did issue a correction after the article, it still implied that she quit due to political reasons. The correction read : “Abby Martin quit some time after denouncing Russia’s incursion on air. ‘What Russia did was wrong,’ Ms. Martin said.”

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Read the full statement from Abby Martin here.

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