Newborn Baby Found Abandoned In Toilet Bowl Of A Rawang Petrol Station - The Coverage

Newborn Baby Found Abandoned In Toilet Bowl Of A Rawang Petrol Station

This is so sad, remember people, use protection if you aren’t ready for parenthood. Bringing a child into this world if your responsibility, regardless if it was planned or a mistake. You’ve done the deed, now you gotta face the consequences!

Sadly, a newborn baby boy was found abandoned in the toilet bowl of a petrol station at Rawang northbound R&R.

According to NST, the newborn, who was found on Saturday night, June 9, weighed 2.6kg and was discovered by the cleaning supervisor of the petrol station inside the female toilet.

Gombak district police chief Assistant Commissioner Ali Ahmad said the baby with his umbilical cord still attached to him was wrapped in batik. He was found at 9.30pm.

Source: NST

Thankfully, the baby was discovered uninjured and he was sent to Sungai Buloh Hospital for treatment.

ACP Ali said that while the baby was safe, he was weak.

“He was conscious and crying, but weak when the cleaning supervisor found him.”

He added that an investigation was underway.

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(Source: Says / New Straits Times)

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