Oh-No! 8 Muslim Women Caught For Dressing Up As Men In Order To Watch Football Match! - The Coverage

Oh-No! 8 Muslim Women Caught For Dressing Up As Men In Order To Watch Football Match!

While many people around the world love to watch sports and are looking forward to going to the stadium to enjoy a game live, women in Iran can’t do so. In case if you didn’t know, Sharia law in Iran bans women from attending live sports matches when men are present.

Women who wish to watch a game, have to watch it on television as they are banned from entering arenas.







Recently, eight women have been arrested in Iran for attending a soccer match. The women had apparently disguised themselves as men in order to gain entry to the game.

They were caught at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran as they watched Esteghlal FC versus Persepolis FC in February this year. However, it only recently came to light that the decision had been taken to prosecute them.

Alireza Adeli, head of security for the Tehran municipality, has confirmed that other women have in the past been found dressed as men in order to attend soccer games.

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According to Alireza, the ban is aimed at preserving their honor, because the stadium’s atmosphere, commotion, and crowds are no place for them.  He also added that women who wish to watch the match can do so on TV, which broadcasts the games and gives everyone a way to watch them live.

Shockingly, women were also banned from riding bicycles in public. The justification for this is apparently that it attracts male attention and is therefore unacceptable.

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