[OMG] Another Two More Fires In Penang Broke Out Within 24 Hours - The Coverage

[OMG] Another Two More Fires In Penang Broke Out Within 24 Hours

Just hours after the fire that broke out at Jalan Penang, two more occurred at Cintra Street in George Town and on the mainland in Jalan Datuk Ooh Chooi Cheng.

The fire at Cintra Street engulfed two heritage shophouses at about 2 pm on Wednesday, September 13. Out of the three connecting units of an electrical service shop, two shophouses were 90% damaged while its neighboring unit, Cintra Heritage Hotel was partially damaged.

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It was reported that several explosions were heard before thick black smoke was seen billowing from the burning shophouses.

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Lebuh Pantai Fire and Rescue Department operation commander Azmi Ahmad arrived with 34 men to put out the fire minutes after they received the emergency call.

“The hot weather could be a reason the fire spread quickly next door but fortunately no one was inside when the fire incident happened.

“We managed to control the fire at about 3.14 pm.”

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Azmi added that the team took a few more hours to put out the fire completely.

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Cintra Heritage Hotel executive operation manager, Rayan, said only 2 rooms were occupied in the hotel when the fire broke out. He confirmed that the room nearest to the fire scene was not occupied then, adding that all the guests had been transferred to another hotel.

“As we are operating in pre-war shophouses, our workers are well-trained in evacuating the guests.

“We transferred them to another hotel at our own cost as we need to close down the hotel temporarily for some cleaning work and to ensure that the building structure is safe.”

The other fire that broke out in Bukit Mertajam gutted a double-storey shophouse in Jalan Datuk Ooh Chooi Cheng otherwise known as ‘BM Town’ by locals.

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State Fire and RescueDepartment spokesman Mohd Azman Hussin said the upper floor of the building was already engulfed in flames when they arrived the scene.

“The fire was completely put out at 3.47 pm and no casualty was reported.”

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The weather must be really hot in Penang for the fire to be bursting out here and there, or is there some meaning behind the fire? Luckily there weren’t any casualties in the two incidents. Stay safe guys!

(Source: The Star / New Straits Times)

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