[OMG] Childhood Friend Forced Taiwanese Girl To Perform Oral Sex On Him After She Turned Him Down!! - The Coverage

[OMG] Childhood Friend Forced Taiwanese Girl To Perform Oral Sex On Him After She Turned Him Down!!

Nowadays, we can’t trust anyone easily, not even people we’ve known for years! It’s even more traumatizing if the person is someone you grew up with, be it a friend, neighbor or family member.

A Taiwanese university student, Jiang, recently met up with her childhood friend, Lee, who had a major crush on her. Unfortunately for Lee, she already has a boyfriend, since she didn’t want to let her childhood friend down harshly over the phone, she thought it is a better idea to tell him in person instead.

As reported by ETtoday, the two met for breakfast and when they had finished, Lee persuaded the victim to get in his car as he will send her back home. But instead of fetching her home, he drove her to his house instead, just as the car came to a stop, he began molesting her lower body and touched her breasts while threatening her. What a creep!

Lee said to Jiang:

“Obey my instructions or don’t even think about going home. If you don’t have sex with me then I’m not letting you leave. If you don’t want to sleep with me, then use your mouth, otherwise, you won’t be able to leave.”

Like any girl would, Jiang was terrified and having no choice, she was forced to perform oral sex on the man. The pervert was not satisfied with sexually assaulting her as he tried to secretly take photos and videos of the act. When Jiang realised he was recording, she snatched his phone immediately.

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When Lee went to the toilet, Jiang took the opportunity to make a run for it, she immediately lodged a police report about the incident and Lee was arrested, brought to trial and he was sentenced to four years in prison starting from June! I feel four years isn’t enough, who agrees with me?

His actions had physically and mentally traumatised the victim, she will no longer look at guys the same way again, she must need lots of support from her boyfriend.


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Gursharan Singh

    September 27, 2018 at 16:22

    She should have used her teeth and cut his penis and then leave him and go straight to the Police to get help.
    Immediate justice but the no action should be taken against her as this should be deemed to be self protection.

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