OUCH! Canadian Asian Man Got Beat Up For A Mistake By Zara!! - The Coverage

OUCH! Canadian Asian Man Got Beat Up For A Mistake By Zara!!

Poor customer service is what sets customers back to return to their store. What Wu Xiaobo have experienced would be a great example of poor customer service, as his daughter, Malina Wu shared her part of the story on facebook about the incident.

Somewhere around late February, Wu said his wife was double-charged about $80 for a purchase at Zara in West Edmonton Mall, Canada. It was confirmed by Malina’s mother that she was double charged as they swipe her card twice with different terminals due to the first terminal being out of service and wasn’t working well at the moment, it was until later that day when she looked at her bank statement that she realised she had been charged two times because she only got one receipt from the store.

Wu went to the store to rectify the billing issue and to ask for a refund, but the process took longer than expected and Malina stresses that the staff at Zara treated her parents as “thieves”. Zara put in an investigation on the claim, Wu heads back to the store a second time after he received a phone call from the customer service department providing him a case number.

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When he was already waiting in the store ready to get his refund, he was told by the staffs to come back on Monday instead. Refuse to leave he waited some more, later he was taken to a back area of the store where he told them “I want my business settled then I will leave,” but Wu wasn’t angry, he was frustrated at the way they treated him because the customer service had already informed Wu that the refund could be issued that very day.

Soon after that, four security guards showed up and escorted him out of the store. That night, Adam Green, a witness was shopping there, he said “They were being fairly rough with him, they had him in a headlock. They were saying ‘Get him to a camera’ and they kept yelling ‘Stop resisting, stop resisting’.”

Green said as soon as the incident got physical, it appeared Wu wasn’t resisting at all, “I’m not resisting, I can walk on my own weight, stop pulling me around,” Wu said.

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The security guards took Wu to a parking lot where they struck his leg to make him fall down and there were several blows elsewhere to bring Wu down. Then a vehicle pulls up and he was thrown in the back seat and was taken to a holding area where he was searched and have his belongings taken away. A short while later, the police arrived and no tickets or charge was issued, clearly, Wu has done nothing wrong.

Zara nor the mall have not apologized to the family for the mistreatment, Malina, and family just want to make it clear that this is no longer about the money but this is about the principle of how everything was handled.

Malina thanked Adam Green for coming forward as it helped the family tremendously for this case. She believes by spreading this incident, will bring an awareness to the public.

Wu said he will file a police complaint and he is hoping to get more answers as he still unable to acquire them.

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“As a matter of policy, West Edmonton Mall does not comment on incidents under investigation,” said Nick Culo, the mall’s vice president or marketing.

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