[OUCH!!] Large Grouper Mistakes Singaporean Male's Manhood For Sea Worm - The Coverage

[OUCH!!] Large Grouper Mistakes Singaporean Male’s Manhood For Sea Worm

People, never ever skinny dip in dangerous waters. Any body of water with marine life or dirty water are considered dangerous waters! Don’t be a smarta** and jump in without any clothes on!

Well, this 32-year-old Singaporean man from Bedok faces the consequences of swimming in the nude. According to the man’s friends who witnessed the incident, he had opted to skinny dip for the late-night swim in the water off East Coast Park after the group had spent several hours drinking.

One of the friends who refused to be identified said,

“The rest of us went swimming in our underwear, but he stripped off completely and was swimming in the nude. We told him to be careful in case of a crab bit his privates, but he told us not to worry.”

After a few minutes in the water, the man called out in pain. But his friends initially thought he was pranking them.

“We thought he was just pretending that he’d been hurt.

“It was only when he ran from the water clutching his groin that we became concerned.”

His friends were in shock as he collapsed on the beach.

“Despite the dark night, we could make out a serious amount of blood around his groin. He moaned that he’s been bitten by a huge fish, and as he moved his hands away we were shocked to see that his penis had been completely severed.”

One of the friends stayed with the injured man and applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding while the other two men raced back into the water in an attempt to find the remains of his penis.

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Unfortunately, there was no sign of the penis.

“It was a pretty hopeless task, but we swam around in the area and combed through the sand in a vain attempt to see if the fish had dropped his penis.”

Well, at least the friends had the effort to help look for the penis. The injured man was rushed to a nearby medical facility, he is said the be in a serious but stable condition.

A marine biologist familiar with Singapore’s aquatic life said that a large grouper could most likely be the offender! He explained:

“Fishermen love catching the grouper that live off the coast of Singapore, and some of them do grow to very large sizes.

“I think this had been a case of mistaken identity. This time of year is the season when sea worms are mating, and it attracts large groupers to feast on them. The appearance of a sea worm closely resembles a human penis, so I believe the grouper mistakenly bit off this man’s penis, thinking it was a sea worm.”

The marine biologist has urged any fishermen or anyone catching a large grouper over the next few weeks to pay special attention to the fish’s stomach, to check if the man’s penis is inside. Because after three or four weeks, the penis should completely break down, but it would still be an unpleasant surprise for whomever who catch the grouper.

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Learn your lesson now people, never test mother nature! Save yourself while you can!

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