Parents Take Precautions!! First Day Back To School And There's Already A Child Kidnapping Case!!! - The Coverage

Parents Take Precautions!! First Day Back To School And There’s Already A Child Kidnapping Case!!!

MALACCA: Early this morning, Deejay Nesh posted a video along with two photos of allegedly a man who got caught by the public while kidnapping one of the school children.

Apparently, the culprit’s motive of acting out the crime was to sell the kid’s organs. In the post itself, it was stated that “Parents raise their children with much difficulty and these inhumane people kidnaps them easily to sell off the organs”.

And it’s only the first day these children are getting back to school, there’s already a news of such happening! Certainly not the best way of starting the year. However, we are unsure of exactly when did this incident took place, but it is best to play safe and to take extra precautions when sending your children to school or when they are going out on their own.

Also according to the source, the kidnapped child was only 8-years-old. The kid was walking to one of the shops nearby the housing area at Taman Sri Kubong, Malacca when this man kidnapped the child while riding a motorbike.

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It was said that the suspect had stripped the kid naked and took the pictures.

Thanks to the united effort from the enraged public, the suspect was caught and sent to the police, after receiving several punches and kicks – of course!

Take a look at the video below:

Dikirim oleh Deejay Nesh pada 2 Januari 2017


Here’s my personal thought about this whole incident:

First of all, kids should not be walking around on their own, especially not in this day and age where kidnapping cases are on the rise. They should always be accompanied with an adult figure.

Secondly, I kind of agree with one of the commenters on the original post that said, we should do it like the Arabs – for this kind of evil doing the criminal would be either whipped or hung in public, to scare off people who have the intention of doing such crimes. Though there is a chance that things will spiral out of control by irresponsible higher figures.

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So it’s best to just keep an extra eye on your kids these days regardless of their whereabouts!


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