Patrick Teoh : Who Is Anwar Ibrahim ? - An Ultra Racist That Traumatised A Young Chinese Girl - Cried & Too Fearful To Share What She Had Gone Through - The Coverage

Patrick Teoh : Who Is Anwar Ibrahim ? – An Ultra Racist That Traumatised A Young Chinese Girl – Cried & Too Fearful To Share What She Had Gone Through

Who is Anwar Ibrahim? I am going to share the experience that someone close to me had, firsthand, to shed some light on what we are dealing with.

My niece was awarded a scholarship for further studies in the UK. There was an orientation event before she left. She found herself in a school hall, packed with hundreds of young, eager Malaysians. She was one of just 11 non-bumis present. The guest of honour addressing the crowd was Anwar Ibrahim, then the Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports. He was full-on Ultra with his motivational speech.

The long, loud and spittle-spewing spiel was inflammatory, incendiary, and outright seditious. It was all about these young inheritors of Tanah Air using their Allah- and UMNO-given rights and opportunities to arm themselves with all that’s necessary to make sure the Pendatangs do not rob them of their rightful place and position in their country.

With his stature and his oratory style, Anwar had the full attention of the young and impressionable audience. My niece wasn’t sure how her fellow awardees actually felt because she was too traumatised to make sense of the situation. She remembered that she very hastily got away from there. And she cried herself to sleep for a quite a few nights, too fearful to share what she had gone through, with family and friends.

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Years later, having settled in London, she went to one of the roadshow sessions that Anwar held during his Reformasi days. Seeing the chance, and thinking that he must be a much-changed man by then, she went up to him, reminded him of that speech and asked him: Why? Without batting an eyelid, Anwar replied: Ahh, that’s politics.

For sure, Anwar has benefited a lot for being such a forceful leader and champion of his race. His dramatic fallout with his boss, Dr M, and his subsequent jail time, along with advancing age, have mellowed him. But has the man changed?

Judging by his recent speeches, Anwar Ibrahim is still very much a man for all audiences, but one who knows who he can be champion for. In a nutshell – the ultimate politician. Beneath the mellow facade lurks a very ambitious man. Making him more potent is the popular notion that he has been badly wronged. And that the time has come for him to claim his crown.

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There is a lot of resistance to that trajectory. But the deal had been struck. If and when Anwar ascends to the throne, will he rely on the failsafe strategy of race-and-religion in his bid to obtain and retain power?

Would this ambitious but beleaguered politician be opting for a divide-and-conquer strategy, taking the country down the path to fundamentalism, and keeping a large part of the population placated, ignorant and compliant?

It’s all familiar stuff – highly workable, failsafe, and easy to achieve – the perfect gameplan for a man in a hurry, someone who is a bit short of the intelligence, substance and conscience that define a real leader of a multiracial country. We are acutely short of such leaders but that should never be the excuse to settle for someone who will choose the fast and easy way to achieve his ‘My Time is Now’ ambition.

A leader like Anwar must have a system of check and balance firmly in place, to prevent him from resurrecting the structure of UMNO that would enable him, his family, and his cronies to get their stranglehold on the country. We have seen how it is done. This time around, we can make the difference. We have to. Yes – Patrick Teoh

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Patrick Teoh

Patrick Teoh (born 16 October 1947) is an actor and radio personality in Malaysia. A career in radio, TV, stage and movies spanning more than three decades has earned Patrick the nickname of “Voice of Malaysia”, bestowed by his fans and the Malaysian mass media.

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  1. Abu

    September 21, 2018 at 14:10

    He is an actor no wounder he appiar now

  2. Tan Yu Sing

    September 23, 2018 at 20:26

    At this moment, we need more than ever a more capable leader. Anwar today shows he has no compunction race baiting, playing the religious card on an innocent hapless minority to butter up malay support. He has shown himself to be an unprincipled power hungry political chameleon playing malaysians against each other.He has manifestly demonstrated he is too small minded to be PM.He is only good for rabble rousing.I regret supporting and helping PKR so much.

    • Rijeg anak Noew

      September 25, 2018 at 13:16

      Pls dont overall PKR but just Anwar himself. He dont need to be one to rule but just a player. He is not young anymore. So let continue to support reformasi.

  3. Evelyn Yee

    September 24, 2018 at 21:04

    It is hoped that the pattern of Dumno does NOT rear its ugly head. It seems the dna is slowly but surely showing up! SCARY ! OMG! After all the hard work the people put in to rescue our country from sinking into the deep blue sea?

  4. Alex heng hean

    September 24, 2018 at 22:21

    Politics is deceitfully & always dangerously played by Malysn politicians for survival & power & abundant financial heist! Politics has & always will be unpredictable & filthy & racial. However we just hv to pray in faith that God wl hv control over all things…

  5. Alex heng hean

    September 24, 2018 at 22:34


    • Wan

      July 22, 2019 at 21:58

      Patrick did not write thagt

  6. Patrick who

    October 13, 2018 at 11:56

    Who is Patrick Teoh ?

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