Pep Guardiola Defends His Manchester City Players!!! - The Coverage

Pep Guardiola Defends His Manchester City Players!!!

Manchester City’s 1-1 draw with Southampton means that it is Guardiola’s worst ever run in his managerial career. The club have now won in only five games.

Manchester City produces amazing winning run in every game at the start of the campaign but things start to turn around after their lose at the hands of Tottenham.

The players have lately been committing errors which contributes to the number one factor they have struggled to win in recent games.

The game against Southampton which saw Nathan Redmond struck the ball at the back of the net after a sloppy back pass from John Stones. In the game against Barcelona, the goals from Barcelona came after an error committed by the Manchester City players which includes a slip and handball.


“It is something about the team and how you rebel, how you react.”

“Today with John and Wednesday with Claudio, that is not the reason. Against Everton we miss two penalties and we play amazing and didn’t win.”

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“When you see the second half it is because these guys are good and I have to help them achieve and to reach that level. As when it was 11 against 11 in Barcelona and in the second half against Everton.”

“I was a football player and I know this can happen. You are able to win 10 times in a row and after you are not able to win five times.”

“You have to accept that. I have to discover the reason why.” Guardiola said.

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