Pet Owner Convicted Of Manslaughter After Going 'John Wick' On Dog Hunter - The Coverage

Pet Owner Convicted Of Manslaughter After Going ‘John Wick’ On Dog Hunter

As pet owners, we have unconditional love for our fur babies the same love mothers have for their children. We would do our best to provide the best and comfortable life for our furkids, and when someone comes and ruins it, we would go CRAZY!

Just like this 40-year-old dog owner who went bonkers when a dog hunter took the life of his pooch!

The man, only known by his surname Fan, has now been convicted of manslaughter and is facing three years of prison sentence with a three-year reprieve for killing the dog hunter who poached his dog earlier this year.

The tragic incident occurred in Yangzhou city, in the coastal Chinese province of Jiangsu, on January 15. On the day of the incident, Fan reportedly rushed over to his dog’s aid when he heard his pet in distress.

Unfortunately, he arrived too late as the suspect, Luo, had already shot the poor pooch with a dart laced with poison.

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It is learned that the suspect even threatened to shoot Fan with a poison dart despite being caught, but the dog owner refused to listen. He chased the man, who was riding a motorcycle, until he lost control of his vehicle, plowing Luo straight through a pillar before eventually crashing into a shop along the sidewalk.

Source: Shanghaiist

Luo was declared dead at the scene, however, what’s shocking is that the authorities also discovered six dog carcasses stuffed inside the bag he was carrying!

According to Fan’s family, killing Luo was never part of his intention in the first place. He only chased the man to frighten him, but he got confused in the heat of the moment when he pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal. His wife reportedly gave the same defense at the recent trial.

Although the defense was reportedly accepted by the court, Fan was ultimately found guilty and is now facing three years of jail time with a three-year reprieve.

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We’re deeply sorry for all the poor doggies that have to lose their precious life to dog hunters. We wish these people would just stop harming animals once and for all! May Fan’s dog rest in peace.

(Source: Next Shark / Shanghaiist)



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    May 25, 2018 at 15:22

    Thank you ! I feel that useful articles bring value to the reader
    pitiful ! condemn and love animals more

  2. Grace Radecke

    May 28, 2018 at 12:03

    It’s a good thing that the dog killer has died. I hope to read more stories about more deaths of animal abusers. Time to celebrate. But I am sad that the dogs died.

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