[PHOTOS] Woman Got Her Hair Stuck In Train Doors, For Six Stops! - The Coverage

[PHOTOS] Woman Got Her Hair Stuck In Train Doors, For Six Stops!

You guys ever think about how on some days you could be walking into the LRT and suddenly, the door closes? Hopefully nothing is stuck in between, because this one lady did! And the great relief is that it was her hair that got stuck!

Normally such thing would be alleviated soon, in less than 5 minutes or so, but unfortunately for this lady… The door only opened on the other side of the train! Guangdong News reported that although the workers were quick with responding to the situation, they would not alter the operation of the trains, for a door, and told her to cut her hair instead. However, she insisted otherwise, and remained natural, as though she intentionally stayed there, next to the door.

Congrats for your patience! | Source: Sina

Source: Sina

At the end of the subway line, the operator finally opened the door on her side of the train. This granted her freedom.

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