PKR Wanita Chief : Anwar Refuse To Admit His Mistake & Weakness - Anwar Is A Dictator & Can't Fulfil His Promises - The Coverage

PKR Wanita Chief : Anwar Refuse To Admit His Mistake & Weakness – Anwar Is A Dictator & Can’t Fulfil His Promises

A party’s downfall begins when a leader cannot be criticised, says PKR Wanita chief Haniza Mohamed Talha in a veiled reference to party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Speaking at the “Shared Prosperity Vision (SPV) 2030” dinner held by deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and other PKR leaders aligned to him, Haniza blasted a certain leader for not owning up to his mistakes.

“There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you’ve made a mistake, that’s an important recipe.

“When the leader cannot be criticised, then it signals the downfall of a party because that person has become a dictator,” said Haniza on Sunday (Dec 8) without mentioning the leader’s name.

She said that because of the leader’s refusal to admit his mistake and weakness, the issues within the party had been prolonged.

“Be a leader with a big heart who can accept people’s criticism because we are normal human beings, not prophets.

“If we make a promise, then we must hold on to it. A leader cannot lead this country if he can’t fulfil his promises,” she said.

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Haniza said the women, who once left their families at home to fight for justice for a certain individual, now had to beg for justice for sacked PKR central committee member Zakaria Abdul Hamid.

“Let there be no party or individual denying the contributions and sacrifice of PKR members.

“My message to supporters is that we must be clear with the end in mind and be focused.

“We will set the direction right after this,” she said.

Meanwhile, PKR deputy youth chief Hilman Idham said there was no denying that there was a leadership crisis within the party.

“To go through the crisis, I want to appeal to all to return to the legacy and principles of PKR so that it continues to be relevant and serve as hope for Malaysians.

“Don’t be disappointed, lose hope or worry over what has happened over the past few days,” he said, referring to the four-day PKR national congress which concluded on Sunday afternoon.

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The congress saw physical fights between warring Azmin and Anwar factions, veiled attacks between the two leaders, police arrests and walkouts by pro-Azmin delegates.

Source : The Star

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