Playboy Supermodel Only Dates Asian Guys - We're The Only Ones Attractive In Her Eyes - The Coverage

Playboy Supermodel Only Dates Asian Guys – We’re The Only Ones Attractive In Her Eyes

It sucks to be an Asian man in a western context. Hollywood has done a lot of good deeds in emasculating and desexualizing Asian men in the show business—think Mr. Chow in Hangover franchise and Han Lee in 2 Broke Girls series.

With that said, many Asian men (not all) do not find luck with white women, or worst, never even thought about their possibility for one another. It is just intuition.

But that is not the case with Playboy model, Holly Wolf.

The Playmate of Playboy Czech 2014 said she only dates Asian men.

Source: Playboy

The 29-year-old model has been making rounds in Playboy magazines and recently featured on the cover of Playboy Philippine. She does cosplay, model, and video game as extras, too.

She has a 4 million following on Facebook and her Instagram feed is a perfect collection of her titillating self in bikinis, gown dresses, lingeries, anime and game character costumes and many more unusual clothes pulled in strange directions to showcase her voluptuous figure.

Source: Instagram

You might be thinking the luscious model must have grown up in a cultural melting pot city and that is why she decided to only date Asian men but no.

She grew up in Halton Hills in Orangeville, an hour and a half drive north from Toronto, Canada, Nextshark reports.

Source: Instagram

“It was a very suburban white area. There were no kids of color when I went to school. I think I saw my first black kid when I was 15.”

“I dated the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white super jocks in school growing up. My first boyfriend was your typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed rugby player. Now that I think about it, it’s kind of like, ugh, terrible. I was just like, ‘Ew, my high school self. Gross.’”

Source: Instagram

In college, she took a class about Japanese culture to fill in her curiosity she had for other races. And by the end of her college year, her then-white-boyfriend introduced her to K-pop.

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I love this part of the story.

Source: Instagram

“He took me down to his basement and he put on Girls’ Generation for me.” 

“I was like, ‘What is this magic? This is amazing.’ Then I just found Big Bang and 2NE1 and all these other huge K-Pop groups. I was just obsessed with watching all these videos. It just kind of blew my mind.”

Thank you, Wolf’s then-white-boyfriend. As a K-pop fan to another, I thank you for promoting Asian culture.

Source: Instagram

“I went to school for dance and musical theater. I love dancers. I’ve always had such an affection towards dancers and artistic types. Seeing music videos where the dancing was just amazing and out of control, I think that was so great. I continued to watch stuff like Big Bang. Then I dated a few Asian dancer friends of mine, and then it kind of just all went from there. I solely find [Asians] just much more attractive. It was just a weird, slow switch.”

When non-Asian men persistently hit on her, things could go very ugly.

“…I will literally have to just say, ‘Look, you’re not my type. I like Asian guys, don’t even try. I don’t even find you remotely attractive.’

Source: Instagram

They get so angry at me. So angry. Then they’d bring up the whole tiny penis thing. Then I’d be like, ‘First of all, do you think I have a giant vagina? What’s wrong with you? That’s rude. Secondly, no, they’re not all like that. Go away, you asshole.’”

That is bad. Needing to deal with problems of your romantic preference is a big unnecessary pain-in-the-ass in this day and age.

“People hate. That’s the thing, especially white guys. They get so angry. I’ve had people just call me all sorts of names after rejecting them. They just get so angry to the point where they’d call me a whore and a slut and, ‘Oh, I didn’t like you anyway,’ all this crazy stuff.”

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Source: Instagram

About the Asians’ penises, this is what Wolf has to say:

“The whole small penis thing is absolutely insane, because anyone of any race can have any part of their body that might be bigger or smaller.”

#HowComforting We need more people like you so that they can stop emasculating and desexualizing us. The sexy boss continues:

“The whole Asians aren’t good looking thing is just such bullshit. I guess because I’m so into Asians, I just don’t find it reasonable why people think that, because I’m the complete opposite. I see white guys and I’m like, ‘Ew. Gross.’ All the time, people are like, ‘Oh, he’s so good looking.’ I’m like, ‘No, no, no, no. This person isn’t good looking. What are you talking about? I’m so confused.’”


In the Nextshark report, Wolf elaborated the stigma surrounding Asian Male White Female (AMWF) relationship. She said the western portrayal of Asian men in media not only hurt their image as a whole but also affected their confidence when it comes to dating.

That is so true. I could strictly see myself, at best, a good friend to my white friends when I was in the states.

I think it’s just society as a whole, especially in Westernized culture, it’s such a huge deal that Asian males are obviously a little bit shy and put off about it. They’re like, ‘Oh, goodness. It’s going to be so hard for me to get a girl, especially if I want to date someone outside of my own race”

After the epiphany she had for Asian men and culture, she has travelled to South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and The Philippines. The cosplayer said she will soon visit Japan, China, and Singapore.

Holly Wolf’s Fiancé

Source: Instagram

Yup, a little bad news for all of us. She is engaged!—with JR Gallarza, a Philippine basketball star which has a Canadian passport as well.

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She met her fiancé while traveling to the Philippines for work. One night, she was introduced to Gallarza by her friends at the club.

“When we first met, he didn’t think anything of me, because he’s like, ‘Oh, it’s probably another European girl who doesn’t like Asian boys.’ That’s very typical there. White girls in the Philippines, they’re not really about it.

Source: Instagram

“I wasn’t really into him really because we were introduced and he said, ‘Hi’. I’m like, ‘Oh, you play basketball. I don’t like sports. Do you watch anime? Do you play video games? Come on.’ He said he was Canadian, so that’s why we kept talking, because it was nice to talk to someone who’s from Canada, and it stemmed from there.”

Lastly, coincide with the Single Day coming tomorrow (11/11: all the ones symbolize our singleness), Wolf shares some advice for Asian males looking to improve their romantic lives.

Source: Instagram

“When going out with your friends, focus on having a good time. When guys go out purely to get girls, girls can sense it and it’s a bit of a turn off. Guys need to get over that whole aspect and go out to have a good time. Meet people, but don’t be so focused on [getting girls], because it will affect you negatively as opposed to just being confident in yourself and eventually finding someone who is good for you. I feel like people that force relationships will never end well.”

That is solid right. Women can sense needy and desperate vibe. Let this be the last day you celebrate Single Day.

Well, that is it from all of us, but not all of you. Check out Holly Wolf’s Instagram here. Anyone trying to break the desexualizing Asian sigma in western context is always worth supporting.

Source: NextShark

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