Police Inspector Clad In Only Underwear Caught In Women's Toilet Faces Possible Suspension From Police Force - The Coverage

Police Inspector Clad In Only Underwear Caught In Women’s Toilet Faces Possible Suspension From Police Force

There is always a bad apple in every bunch of apple. The bunch would be the community of people, doesn’t matter if it’s a company, a group of friends or the police force. People like these either need to be taught the right way or removed.

Just like this 32-year-old inspector from Sarawak, he was found in the women’s’ toilet at a mall in Alor Setar clad only in his underpants on Monday, August 7, he now faces suspension from the police force.

State police chief Commissioner Datuk Asri Yusoff said the inspector has 6 recorded cases of bad work ethics, including falsifying his medical certificate, failing to report for duty for 90 days, and taking drugs.

I’m surprised he’s still on the force! They should’ve fired him a long time ago!

The said inspector refused to talk to investigators when he was caught, and he has been remanded for 7 days, he was also sent for a mental evaluation.

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The Star reported the police have yet to establish the reason why the inspector entered the women’s toilet clad only in his underpants but said that he was high on methamphetamine when he was arrested.

The police were also waiting for the woman, who appeared in a video that went viral berating the suspect to lodge a report, as the mall’s management could not determine if the woman in the video was a patron or staff at one of the shops.

A crystal-like substance weighing about 0.62 grams, believed to be syabu and a police authority card was seized from him.

Since this inspector have gotten into a lot of trouble during his time of serving, he should be fired from the police force, why still give him chance and let him stay?

What do you think?

(Source: The Star)

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